This magazine is for you. It’s a gathering place for wild women to share our stories, huddled in a circle around the campfire under the full moon, or following the call of the conch to stand together at the edge of the sea, ready to receive the kiss of the next wave.

Are you ready to dive in?

Wild Women Magazine is a lifestyle magazine illuminating our relationship with wild nature, the deep primal source that nourishes, liberates and frees our spirits from the constraints of mundane civilized constructs and the shackles of our modern “polite” society.

These stories are a refuge, an escape from urban concrete into a lush, living secret garden, feral and full of magic. Let your imagination be ignited by the possibility that you are freer and wilder than you have ever had permission to be.

You are a wild woman, here and now and always and everywhere.

We looked around the landscape of mainstream magazines and saw the opportunity to offer something unique and necessary – an expression of the way women move in the wild world, following our natural rhythms and coming together in community.

Wild Women favour cooperation over competition, connection and compassion to ego and fear. We are bold and brave adventurers and warriors who protect what we love. We are deeply dedicated to conservation of wild places and strive to step lightly on the land, leaving gentle footprints in our wake.

Wild Women are a tribe of women who gleam like aspects of the same prisms, yet we are as unique as the crystal patterns of a snowflake. We shine with our authenticity, our joy and positive vibes. And we honour the dark, the musky caves where we sometimes need to dwell in our grief and longing. Wild Women are magic makers who weave lives of passion and hold space for the sacred in everyday pleasures.

Wild Women Magazine is offered to you in a digital, online format and is also available to purchase in print so you can curl up with it by candlelight or take it with you to the beach or savour it as you sit under a tree.

The magazine will be filled with articles about how women are weaving their lives in the wild, through travel and outdoor adventure, in our work and activism, by creating sacred spaces in everyday life, self-nourishment, creating health and wellness and mothering. There is no limit on what we will explore in this wild, beautiful space. The possibilities are as vast as the desert, as deep as the ocean, as whimsical as the wind and as powerful as a volcano.

This magazine is a rainbow of expression, from a diverse community of women. This is your space, sister. You’ve found your tribe. Now join the adventure!

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