Keeping everyone healthy has always been our top priority, especially during this time.

We are monitoring the ever-changing situation with COVID-19 and the impact to travel around the world. We commit to keeping you safe and informed so that you can travel with more ease. Does the new normal look different? It does, but as we begin planning our return to travel, the safety and wellbeing of our travellers, staff, local hosts and communities will remain our priority and our all our trips will be run in a responsible way. We are working closely with our partners around the globe to ensure new standards are implemented to minimize the risk and to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

Before travelling, either within your own country or internationally, we recommend you check your government’s travel advisory, the Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organization website for the most up to date information about destinations and permitted travel from each country. All trips will follow local regulations with respect to travel, business practices and physical distancing. In order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and limit the risk of infection, we will be implementing pre-trip screening procedures, increased on-trip sanitization and personal hygiene, and maintaining physical distancing guidelines while on a trip whenever possible.

We are implementing the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines  and following the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travel protocols across all our tours.



If you are flying, there will be screening protocols in place when embarking and disembarking your flights. If you are travelling internationally, there will be additional protocols and conditions in place at the border when passing through customs and it is your responsibility to be prepared for any conditions put in place by the country you are visiting.  



We need your help in ensuring we all stay healthy and well. In advance of the tour we will ask you to read, agree to and embrace the points outlined in our COVID statement of understanding which is designed to ensure we are all on the same page and working together to keep each other healthy and well.

You will be asked to complete a pre-trip screening questionnaire pre-trip or upon arrival at the trip rendezvous. This questionnaire will ask if you have experienced any flu-like symptoms, or if you have been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19 within the last 14 days. Any staff or participant who has been in close contact with someone known to have COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or who has experienced any flu-like symptoms within 14 days of the scheduled trip departure, or have returned from outside of Canada in the last 14 days will be required to take a COVID-19 Virus or Antigen test and will be asked to share the results of the test before starting the trip.

We advise all trip participants to secure cancellation and health insurance. If you are unable to attend the trip due to the development of COVID-related symptoms, or if you receive a positive COVID test result and are not able to get insurance coverage, we will provide 100% of your trip payment as a credit to be used on a later trip.



To ensure everyone’s health and safety while on-trip, participants will be asked to follow sanitization measures at all times including:

  • Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Hygiene, Food handling, Handling Personal Equipment, and following instructions from your guide or team leader who have been trained to ensure COVID-19 health and safety protocol are followed properly.
  • In addition, all of our ground operators will be providing specific cleaning details for equipment, accommodations, transportation and dining facilities. Hand sanitizer will be provided wherever possible in accommodations, restaurants, and in vehicles.



Wild Women Expeditions will adhere to physical distancing guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 during this time. Examples of physical distancing protocol include:

  • Providing solo tents to women who prefer not to share with a roommate (i.e. if they travelling alone and are not with a travelling companion)
  • Working closely with accommodation providers to ensure single room upgrades are available to all who prefer this option
  • Women sharing rooms will maintain the same roommate throughout the trip
  • Reminding all participants to maintain a 2m distance between anyone they are in contact with during the trip
  • Assigning every other seat in transportation, if possible
  • Masks will be worn whenever 2m physical distancing cannot be maintained and must be worn while inside vehicles with other participants. 
  • Avoiding crowds wherever possible



Guides and staff will remain vigilant and continue to monitor themselves and participants during the trip for any Covid-19 symptoms.  They will also be trained in the COVID-19 Response Plan outlined specifically for your trip which includes isolating any ill person/s from the group, contacting local medical authorities and following their advice.

It is highly recommended that your packing list includes face covering(s) (one for every day of the trip), hand sanitizer (70% alcohol-based), thermometer, and biodegradable travel-sized soap. Face coverings can be a facemask, bandana or buff.

We will request that any trip guide, staff or participant who develops flu-like symptoms within 14 days post-trip contact us and inform us of their symptoms. If you cancel your trip anytime within 14 days of the trip start due to having COVID-19/ “flu-like symptoms”,  supported by a medical certificate, we will hold 100% of monies paid by you in connection with the booking as credit.

If you’d like to know more about a trip specifically and our extensive COVID trip management plan for that destination please contact

If you are an existing client, your trip package will detail the COVID safety plan according to the destination.