Photo of Angie Leckey.

Angie Leckey

“Over the years I have seen so many customers arrive stressed and leave refreshed and happy. I believe it is the connections they have made to their horse, other riders, digitally detoxing, spending time with Mother Earth, and enjoying good home-cooked locally sourced food that reflects the history of the locations that we ride. Being part of such a positive environment is infectious.” – Angie

Adventures on horseback are exciting and take the rider away from the stress and demands of the modern world. For many of us that rode as kids, or who long to ride but have never had the opportunity, owning a horse in such a crazy world is impossible. Yet, we retain that sense of connection and fun we had on horseback and yearn to spend quality time in the saddle once more. We provide purpose-bred horses that complete 3500km in a season, who are ready for their rider to hop on, relax into the saddle and enjoy the time together.


Land of the Long White Cloud Ride