Photo of Brenda Holder.

Brenda Holder

Brenda was born and raised in the Rockies in Jasper National Park and has spent a vast amount of time trekking from valley to valley. She is pleased to follow her lineage as a traditional Métis guide from the Kwarakwante of Jasper.

Brenda is a Professional Interpretive guide and is an active advocate of Indigenous Tourism.  She is a board member for the Interpretive Guides Association and represents Aboriginal Interpretive Guides. She is the Chair for the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada and is the Alberta Director.

Brenda has been the recipient of several prestigious awards for her work in using her company both in the entrepreneurial spirit and in educating the public about Métis culture. One of these awards was the Aboriginal Woman Entrepreneur Award of Distinction presented from the Alberta Chamber of Commerce. She was awarded the Esquao Award from the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (IAAW).  In 2004, Métis Nation of Alberta Region III awarded her the Métis Entrepreneur of the Year.

Brenda took part in several film documentaries and one television series: her company, Mahikan Trails, was presented on Profiles of Success on Aboriginal People’s Television Network. In addition the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada released a video series called “The Power of Aboriginal Tourism” featuring Mahikan Trails and her sister’s company Painted Warriors.

Brenda is most often found guiding clients into the high alpine zones of the Rockies, running Traditional Camps or conducting team building programs down in the valley bottoms.

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