Photo of Chhimi Dema.

Chhimi Dema

Chhimi is licensed as a cultural and trekking guide in Bhutan, leading treks in her counry for more than 14 years. 

Chhimi is a wild woman with a passion for supporting women’s empowerment in the country and for women to be strong and independent from men. She thrives as a rare female guide in a profession mostly undertaken by men and sets out to be the best she can be. Her passion in life is her son. She’s excited to guide the wild women group as she loves the opportunity to guide a group of women where any questions can be shared, where women feel free to be themselves, where they can share their love of the outdoors, and create good relationships and long-lasting friendships. She is excited to show the women from different parts of the world around her beautiful country. Chhimi loves Bhutan because it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful lands in the world, and full of happiness. 

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