Photo of Fatima Habte.

Fatima Habte

Fatima is a Berber Moroccan woman from the Rif Mountains living in Chefchaouen North Morocco. A Morocco travel specialist, her goal is for visitors to have an authentic connection to Morocco. Out of a passion for the people and her culture, she guarantees travellers an exceptional authentic experience.

Fatima has focused on generating complementary incomes for the rural Berber communities focusing on women via sustainable rural tourism, to prove the generosity and kindness of all travellers to Morocco. She also wishes to highlight the Moroccans’ willingness to share their culture with visitors of Morocco.

Fatima is an expert on Morocco, Berber culture and sustainable tourism. She is a women’s rights advocate in Morocco and contributes to Berber women empowerment in the rural areas of the North.  She works on various programs to empower women in rural communities via activities generating income for Berber women.

She grew up in the town of Chefchaouen in the Rif mountains. She believes that sustainable tourism is a real support to local communities. She is a Bachelor of Arts in English and American Literature graduate and holds a Masters in Responsible Tourism and Human development.


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