Photo of Jennifer Holub.

Jennifer Holub

I started with Wild Women in the summer of 2010 leading canoe trips in Killarney and Temagami. My other guiding experience spans over the past 10 years, taking me to Temagami, Algonquin, French River, Killarney, Magnetawan, Mississaugi, Moon River, Spanish River, Lake Huron, Frontenac, Wahnapitae River, and Southern Nova Scotia.

From September to June I am an education consultant. I am also a musician and enjoy pursuing my love of folk music with singing and song-writing.

As a staunch feminist, to me, being a Wild Woman means empowerment. It means looking inside yourself to challenge yourself and to support others to do things you have never done before. Leading women’s only trips provides an environment where women can “be” in the wilderness together and cooperatively enjoy a sense of belonging there.

My favourite moments on Wild Women trips are the times when women can teach other women skills and share experiences. One of my favorite memories from my WWE experience was the time one of the women on my trip in Temagami had never seen a moose before, so the group made it their mission to seek out moose in the swampy areas nearby our campsite at 5:00am. Although we never saw a moose, it was so wonderful to see a group of strangers come together to help make one person’s experience memorable. The amazing attitudes and comradery of the women who took on this task is a fond memory I will treasure forever.

I am very excited to sharing my experiences once again with women from all skill-levels and backgrounds. I can’t wait to pick up the paddle and go!