Photo of Karla Malo.

Karla Malo

Karla was born and raised on Santa Cruz Island in the Galápagos archipelago. She studied abroad in the US and Japan, and in 2005 after graduation from college in Quito, she came back to the islands and became a Naturalist Guide. This has allowed her the opportunity to explore the islands in-depth and have contact with wildlife and the natural environment.  She has always been passionate about conservation of the islands, which has fueled her participation in the Ministry of Tourism and Chamber of Tourism, assessing the environmental practices of local lodging facilities and cruise ships.

Nowadays Karla is a Galápagos Naturalist Guide, and when not leading tours of her local area, she can be found working in her shop selling biodegradable cleaning products. In her free time, Karla loves to travel and explore new destinations.


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