Photo of Kate Wannan.

Kate Wannan

What does being a Wild Women mean to me?

A few images and feelings come to mind… Skiing in the majestic Rocky Mountains in knee deep powder while tears of pure joy run down my cheeks. Running my first rapid on the Spanish River as a young girl and feeling an overcoming sense of self confidence and empowerment. A condor flying beside me as I reach the highest pass of the Inca Trail and the feelings of sacredness all around me. Feeling awestruck by the sun setting over the Ocean after a day of surfing, and bonding with a group of women while sitting by the flickering flame of the campfire .

All of these moments were so REAL, the vibration of my soul and the pounding of my heartbeat connecting me to Mother Earth and to myself. These are the moments that make me feel alive, make me feel wild, and make me feel like the women I was born to be.

I have been part of the adventure tourism industry for twenty-one years as a guide in Northern Ontario, British Columbia and all of South America. I operated my own sustainable tourism company for seven years and also managed ecolodges and tour operations in Ecuador and Brazil. The main focus of my work in this industry is sustainable tourism and I have acted as a consultant for ecolodges, tourism operators, and travel companies all over the world.

Both my formal and informal education have helped me become who I am today. I graduated from the Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Tourism/ Geography programs at Lakehead University, I have studied healing techniques all over the world which encouraged me to become an RMT in Canada, I did a one month yoga teacher training in Brazil, studied polar tourism in Antarctica, Tai Chi in China, and languages in South America. To tell you the truth, I feel that guiding and travelling around the world has provided me with my most valuable knowledge. Every day spent exploring and learning about a new place would open my mind, change my conceptual frameworks, grow my understanding of different people and cultures, and instil a deeper respect for our world’s beautiful ecosystems.

Being the only girl out of five siblings I have had to seek out groups of women in order to be part of a sisterhood. I finally feel at home working for Wild Women Expeditions and I am honoured to be part of such an amazing company that is helping connect women with meaningful travel experiences all over the world.