Photo of Kielyn Marrone.

Kielyn Marrone

I consider myself coming home when I step into the forest, onto the water and away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Choosing an out of doors life for me was the only way I could see myself living a satisfying and balanced life. I fell in love with the forest when I was 4 when my dad took my to our property on a lake. It didn’t just have a lake though, the land was separated by a large swamp.

In that swamp I saw some amazing things as you can imagine what a kids eye would find. To this day I have a fascination with “touch-me-nots” and can’t contain myself. When I see them, I have to touch one… or two… okay maybe three.

Being apart of the Wild Women team allows me to remind myself of my feminine spirit and take hold of all of the things I love most about being a woman. It is incredible to see all ages come together and leave all judgement at the door. My hope is that each individual comes ready to be open to new ideas, make new friends and experience a new adventure together as a team!

When I am not exploring with Wild Women, I do some exploring with my husband Dave and together we run our company, Lure of the North. Lure of the North specializes in traditional travel by snowshoe on expeditions of 8-12 days in length. We use the same canoe route that you might think to travel in the summer and try to follow the historic trading routes. In the fall we have offer people the chance to prepare for the winter by running workshops on how to make winter moccasins, snowshoes, mittens, toboggans, anoraks and more.

The summer time is the perfect time to slow things down a little. I like to have some personal time by getting in the garden, climb some amazing rock, and get back in touch with my WILD side!!

I am extremely excited about this upcoming season and I hope I get the honour of meeting you!