Photo of Kyd Campbell.

Kyd Campbell

Kyd Campbell has ridden horses all of her life and now lives with her own herd in Peru. A world traveller, she thrives in epic landscapes and has found a home in the high Peruvian Andes. Guide, rancher, mother, teacher, she lives to share precious and transformative experiences with other adventurers. Kyd takes people on journeys to little-visited places and has always worked with women’s empowerment groups and artisan collectives in remote locations. She has a deep connection to Peru’s rich culture.

“I feel absolutely privileged every time I am out in these mountains. I believe that everyone comes to the Peruvian Andes for life-changing experiences and healing, whether they are aware of that or not. Personal expansion is inevitable here and the powerful landscape and connection with your horse and travel companions along the journey are the perfect tools for that.”

Kyd has been working with the Andean locals along the route since 2013, allowing for great connections and cultural exchanges. She focuses on respect and rational training for her horses, allowing each animal to bring its personality and energy to the tours.