Photo of Lori Deeley.

Lori Deeley

Born and raised in the Maritime province of Nova Scotia, Lori has lived on the west coast of Newfoundland for the past 16 years where she has been exploring every stage and tickle of this beautiful rock in the sea.

As a “come from away” (CFA) a.k.a “Mainlander” she has gotten tangled in tuckamore maggoty with rabbits and moose; has roasted capelin on the beach and had a mug up at a boil up; hiked through wind-shook forests and snowshoed through squalls; caught a slew of cod from a skiff and got a soaker in the tickle on a mauzy day.

Hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Newfoundland fuel Lori’s creative work. The landscape and the people inspire her work as a visual artist, art therapist, storyteller and guide!