Photo of Marissa Dolotallas.

Marissa Dolotallas

With roots from an island country, Marissa’s sense of ‘happy’ is driven by her love of exploration, adventure, and community.

Happiness comes in all forms for this wild woman – at home or abroad:  from volunteering at her community garden for the food bank to helping care for abandoned cats and dogs at the local animal shelter, from backcountry canoe camping in Killarney or SUP camping in Algonquin to sea kayaking trips in Georgian Bay and west coast BC, from windsurfing, surfing, and sky diving in Hawaii, to kite boarding in Cabarete and white water rafting in Costa Rica, and from hiking Machu Picchu to travelling solo and meeting new friends from around the world.  

But the rush of the spray isn’t the only pay off. The peace and serenity of being present in the moment, whether in or outside of her comfort zone, is equally fulfilling – her AH-HA Pura Prana moment.

Marissa aspires to inspire others and specializes in finding the yin in the yang through awareness of mind, body and spirit. As a certified yoga teacher and a Paddle Canada SUP and sea kayak instructor, her biggest thrill is helping others find their AH-HA moments.

Live. Love. Play… Pura Prana!