Photo of Sabine Schmidt.

Sabine Schmidt

Sabine has spent much of the last 20 years in Mongolia working on conservation projects and has had a leading role in developing our horse tours in Mongolia. She knows the Gobi area and its many herder communities well.

Sabine sources much of the expedition equipment and supplies and oversees meal planning and cooking. She is also in charge of saddles and tack. She is a trained saddle maker! With an adventurous spirit, a commitment to conservation and a Ph.D. in earth sciences, Sabine started her career in Antarctica, exploring the icy wilderness from a year-round base with a small overwintering team, documenting the threats to the last untouched place on earth.

She later guided in Antarctica – ensuring visitor safety and sound ecological conduct. Inspired by the stark beauty of the pristine wilderness, Sabine began to write and photograph for conservation awareness, continuing in New Zealand where she co-founded the “New Zealand Nature Institute”. The “Secret History of Mongolia” had been among her reading at the polar station, and years later, she encountered the images this evoked – working with herder communities in Mongolia’s Gobi desert in the country’s largest National Park to preserve landscapes, wildlife, and grazing resources.

When Sabine isn’t in the desert, she spends her time riding and exploring the wilderness areas. Sabine has been a key player in the “Initiative for people-centred Conservation” in Mongolia and forged links to worldwide efforts highlighting nomadic peoples and their traditions in managing the great grasslands on earth. She continues to consult for programs in East and Central Asia, focusing on community-based conservation. Sabine’s favourite time is on the trail, riding while taking care of guests and sharing past and present experiences of the wild.