Photo of Valerie Weingrad.

Valerie Weingrad

Captain Valerie welcomes you aboard! Holding a US Coast Guard 100T Master Merchant Marine Officers License and current STCW for operation in international waters, Valerie is also an ASA certified sailing instructor. Born into a boating family, she has been on the water, in one form or another, her entire life. Her experience includes extensive sailing in the Greek Islands and Turkey and treks along the entire eastern seaboard, from the last lighthouse in Newport to the tip of Florida’s keys and Bahamas. She also brings more than 16 years of experience sailing throughout all of the Caribbean, including the British Virgin Islands, the Grenadine Chain, Trinidad, and Tobago. Between her chef wizardry, her boundless enthusiasm, her far-ranging knowledge, her love of sailing and her distinguished professionalism, you are guaranteed of having fun on Valerie’s watch. Her skill and passion for sailing is contagious and will undoubtedly leave you with remarkable memories.