7 things to do during social isolation

Home Sweet Home: 7 Things To Do To Stay Sane

By Candice Bartlett | April 9, 2020

Don’t wanna brag or anything but our community is the best. We know you’re wanderlusting and missing adventures around this big blue marble. So, we’ve done a round-up of 7 things to do at home while weathering the COVID storm because let’s face it, we need it.




1. Books

Read all the books. No matter what is going on in the world, a good book can be comforting and insightful. Here are a few we like:


Eat, Pray, Love– Elizabeth Gilbert

One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia is a 2006 memoir by the American author.


Women Who Run With The Wolves: Myths and stories of the wild woman archetype, Ph.D. Clarissa Pinkole Estes

Estés unfolds intercultural myths, fairy tales, and stories to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of this instinctual nature.


Wild Women, Wild Voices: Writing From Your Authentic Wildness, Jude Reeves

With true empathy, Reeves invites, instructs, and celebrates the authentic expression — even the howl — of the wild in every woman.


I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings, Maya Angelou

Captures the longing of lonely children, the brute insult of bigotry, and the wonder of words that can make the world right. Maya Angelou’s debut memoir is a modern American classic beloved worldwide.



2. Movies

Watch ‘em. We all deserve some downtime. Escape a little and binge watch on Netflix if you need to. Here are a few other inspiring gems:



(2017) Never-before-seen footage, the film tells the story of Jane Goodall’s early explorations and research in Tanzania. Currently on Netflix.



(2014) Depicts the story of Robyn Davidson on her 2,000-mile trek across Australia in the mid-1970s.


Finding Traction

(2012) Follows Nikki Kimball, an ultrarunning icon who has won the Western States 100 along with several other endurance races, in her attempt to set the speed record on Vermont’s 273-mile Long Trail in August 2012, when she was 41 years old.



(2014) From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail. Based on the Cheryl Strayed novel Wild.



3. Exercise

Move your body. We all know how important exercise is for boosting energy levels, reducing stress, improving immunity and sleep. So your normal routine is on hold. That doesn’t mean you can’t still meet your fitness goals! There are some great options online right now, check it out:


Lululemon Workouts and practices you can do at home to release energy and stress.


Nike Training Club App – NTC provides free workouts for everything from bodyweight-only sessions, yoga, and targeted training programs, for all fitness levels.


Gaia Yoga A handpicked collection of meditations, yoga practices, lifestyle videos.


Class Pass–  Stream thousands of live or on-demand workouts from top studios around the world. Try everything from yoga to strength training to HIIT and more.


And of course, there are a million free options on Youtube



4. Get Out In Nature

We’re flattening the curve but that doesn’t mean your love for nature has to flatline. If you can get yourself out in the open-air- hike, run solo, walk, ground yourself. Practice stress-relieving strategies like forest-bathing. Watch the sunsets at night. However you decide to connect with mother nature, just be mindful of social distancing.



5. Cooking

Become a wizard in the kitchen! You’ve got the time, make those recipes you’ve been dying to try. Have you hopped on the bread-making train yet? There are many options online, for every budget, skill level and appetite. Be mindful of food waste. Buy the food you need now, and eat the food you planned to make. Meal planning is healthier for the planet. Here are a few suggestions:


Oh She Glows  An award-winning recipe blog featuring over 500 healthy plant-based recipes.


Ambitious Kitchen Healthy recipes from Ambitious Kitchen including family-friendly weeknight meals, diet-friendly recipes, make-ahead breakfasts, and dinners.


Udemy Cooking Classes  Offers online courses, including food-related and culinary courses. Take a healthy living course or learn how to master a Pad Thai.


America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School  Test Kitchen offers culinary instruction to beginners and advanced cooks.



6. Connect

We need connection now more than ever. Be together. Communities are coming together to help those who are more vulnerable in this emergency, so do your part and show kindness. Donate, shop local, and reach out to your neighbours and loved ones. Connect with your people virtually- try book clubs, sharing circles, dinners, downward dogging together or meditating with one another. Share travel memories. We’re having a blast over on the wild women Facebook group. Join us!



7. Armchair Travel

Travelling virtually is hot right now. Staying home and staying safe is necessary, but now may be the time you plan your future trip. For inspiration check out the Wild Women Expeditions Youtube Channel or our videos page. Get behind the scenes of our adventures and connect to other women’s stories. They rock their kayaks in the cobalt waters of Milford Sound. They hike the Inca trail and camp under a billion stars. They saddle up and ride through the idyllic landscapes of Iceland. After all, we know a thing or two about adventure. Check out our destinations worldwide.


Lonely Planet is a great source for discovering destinations. Stockpiled with footage, tips, art and culture.






In gratitude to all of you our community. We look forward to exploring the globe together again soon.