Wild Women Magazine is a lifestyle magazine illuminating our relationship with wild nature. Its stories are a refuge, an escape from urban concrete into a lush, living secret garden, feral and full of magic. They are an expression of the way women move in the wild world, following our natural rhythms and coming together in community.

Proudly featuring 90 pages of articles about how women are weaving their lives in the wild, this is a 100% ad-free magazine, created with so much love from us to you. All proceeds from your subscription will be donated to conservation organizations Pacific Wild and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.

I just had the most soul-nourishing afternoon cup of tea with the hardcopy edition of the magazine and was absolutely entranced. What an absolute joy to read – the stories were captivating, and the aesthetic of the magazine is a total pleasure. Even the way the pages feel is just delicious!” – Jessie Harrold

This magazine is a FEAST for the senses….beautiful, heart expanding interviews and stories, stunning photography, luscious matte print stock, and not one advertisement. It’s really more of a delicious experience than a magazine, and something to save and share widely. And 100% of the profits go to support the wild…” – Michelle Alley




Wild Women Magazine is offered to you in archival quality print so you can curl up with it by candlelight or savour it as you sit under a tree.

Inside Issue 1: Get lost in a story about our connection to wolves by editor-in-chief Jennifer Haddow, be pulled into the poetic musings of Lorna Crozier, gain strength from Marnie Woodrow’s inspired piece about ice-climber Margot Talbot, delight in the calm Sue Nielsen finds in a canoe, blush while revelling in Johanna Gohmann’s aptly titled “Doing It Outdoors”, wish the wild children well as you trace through Meghan J. Ward’s of parenting wisdom, let your inner wildness roar while celebrating Nikki Van Schyndel’s off-grid lifestyle, be reminded of your roots through Rachel Alaia’s rediscovery of her own, and then let all of these beautiful stories ground you through Marnie Woodrow’s honest ups and downs with yoga.


Details: 90 pages, Ad-free, Full colour, perfect bound magazine on 100% recycled paper. Printed carbon neutral in Canada. Price is in CAD.

Subscribe here to have the print copies of Issues 01 & 02 delivered right to you for $29.95!


“The launch of Wild Women Magazine couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me. After 8 years in a job that was slowly sapping my spirit, I finally celebrated my last day there yesterday. I am so excited for this next stage in my new wild life. The many beautifully presented messages contained in this first issue of the Wild Women Magazine spoke to me in the middle of the night when nagging doubt, anxiety, and then a growing sense of excitement kept me awake. I will never forget that your magazine and I were released on the same day. My deepest gratitude to you and your team for all that you do for all of us Wild Women.”

Sarah, Wild Women Magazine reader