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Featuring Dr. Jane Goodall

Wild Women Magazine illuminates the inspiring stories of women's relationship with wild nature. Read scintillating sagas of eco-warrior women, adventuresses, rebels and wise women who are transforming our world.

Proudly featuring 90 full-color pages of fascinating articles about how women are weaving their lives in the wild, this is a 100% ad-free archival quality magazine, printed carbon neutral on recycled paper.

Created with much love, all proceeds from the magazine will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.


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Get lost in a story about our connection to wolves by editor-in-chief Jennifer Haddow, be pulled into the poetic musings of Lorna Crozier, and gain strength from Marnie Woodrow's inspired piece about ice-climber Margot Talbot. You’ll delight in the calm Sue Nielsen finds in a canoe, blush while revelling in Johanna Gohmann's aptly titled "Doing It Outdoors", and wish the wild children well as you trace through Meghan J. Ward's parenting wisdom.

Let your inner wildness roar! These stories are an expression of the way women move in the wild world, following our natural rhythms and coming together in community.

Photo of Into the Wild.

Into the Wild

by Jill Gleeson | October 11, 2018

  We’re in the Baja sun, bright enough that it feels as though it might burn our shadows into the earth. And we’re working. Strung out fire-line style, reaching from the shore to a few feet into the sea, we’re off-loading equipment from a boat onto a deserted beach. We’re 14 women, strangers until 48…

Photo of Yachting in the Galápagos Islands.

Yachting in the Galápagos Islands

Alice Will | January 24, 2018

When you think yacht, do you think about rap videos featuring scantily clad women sunning themselves idly for hours under the tropical sun, with margaritas in hand and shirtless men wearing gold chains? (No? Just me?) When I looked at realizing my life-long dream of travelling in the Galapagos Islands, I realized how ideal an…

Photo of A Piece of Her Heart.

A Piece of Her Heart

Jill Sture | October 1, 2017

Iceland.  As she waited at the boarding gate to return home to Canada, she knew.  She would re-enter this land of wonder and beauty; this land with all her rage and tranquility, complexity and contradictions; settled in an unsettled sort of way.  A little like herself if she were to be perfectly honest.  A piece…

Photo of In the Eye of the Tiger.

In the Eye of the Tiger

by Jennifer Haddow | March 20, 2017

I sat silently in the darkness of the jungle, waiting for a tiger. Doubts flashed through my mind as I questioned the sanity of this situation. Here I was, deep in the forest of Satpura Tiger Reserve in central India, sitting in an open air safari jeep in the middle of the night, hoping for…

Photo of Trip of a Lifetime.

Trip of a Lifetime

Amy Hogan | March 14, 2017

In August 2016, I went on Wild Women Expedition’s Iceland Golden Circle Horseback Riding Adventure. It was an experience unlike anything I had ever had in my life. It pushed my limits physically, emotionally and mentally. The message playing in my head over and over throughout the entire trip was “Oh my goodness I can’t…

Photo of I Fell Into My Soul.

I Fell Into My Soul

By Mary Noseworthy | September 16, 2016

  How had it taken me 50 years to get back to my roots? How do we get so far away from what matters? I had migrated to the land locked prairies. I spend my childhood summers running wild with my redheaded cousins along my east coast home. I loved the summers where wild horses…

Photo of Healing on the Inca Trail.

Healing on the Inca Trail

By Donna Reina | September 16, 2016

In late 2014 I was diagnosed with a more uncommon type of breast cancer and immediately went through surgery, then months of tests, radiation treatment, and now hormone treatment. As I was coming out of the fog, I came across the Wild Women organization through a mutual business group I belong to, where Jennifer was…

Photo of An Open Letter to Life.

An Open Letter to Life

by Catherine | September 15, 2016

Dear Life, We haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. Remember that time that you were convinced I should leave my life in the U.K., with my job and my partner and all my dreams, and return to my roots in Toronto? Oh, you don’t remember? Let me remind you. I didn’t want to go back to Toronto….