April 22, 2021

Episode 2- Becoming Wild


Nikki Van Schyndel has always done what scares her the most, which has led her on unbelievable adventures in the wild.

She once sold all her possessions and paid someone to abandon her on a deserted island on Canada’s west coast, to live for nearly two years in the wild with only hand-made tools. Nikki shares this incredible journey of dream home to lean-to, diamonds to bear claws, on the TEDx stage and in her bestselling book Becoming Wild.

Nikki starred on the History Channel’s TV Series ALONE, where she faced the challenge to survive in the Arctic winter by herself. She wears superhero belt buckles, and sneaks up on grizzly bears for fun! Stay tuned to Nikki’s social channels as she is launching a new experiential adventure company soon creating hand-crafted, life-empowering experiences into the wild.



Episode 2



Find Nikki Van Schyndel 

YouTube: Becoming Wild

Blog: daisycrocket.com

Facebook: nikkivanschyndel


Hosted by: Jennifer Haddow
Produced by: Candice Bartlett
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