June 21, 2021

Episode 6- The Art Of Resilience

Episode 6_The Adventures Of Wild Women


Megan Hine is a wilderness guide, expedition leader, survivalist and producer on some of the biggest adventure/ survival shows on TV. She has been creating content and keeping talent and crew safe in remote wilderness environments for the past 15 years. Bear Grylls has described Megan’s leadership as ‘stronger than 99% of the men he knows.”

Megan has been setting up and leading expeditions to remote, wilderness environments for almost 20 years, living and working for extended periods with indigenous communities.  As a qualified resilience coach Megan combines her intimate knowledge of wilderness survival, her degree in psychology and her fascination with the psychology of survival.

In this episode, host Cline Owen chats with Megan Hine about The Art Of Resilience. Hear about Megan’s wild experiences and lessons in resilience.



Episode 6



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Hosted by: Cline Owen
Produced by: Candice Bartlett
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