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Setting Foot on an Antarctic Expedition

By Becky Parmiter | April 30, 2021



At Wild Women Expeditions, we’re excited to be partnering with Adventure Canada for a series of small ship Antarctic expeditions to one of the most elusive and breathtaking natural places on this planet. Each trip offers extensive opportunities for unique encounters with wildlife as you sail from Ushuaia and Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula and back.

Wild Women Expeditions’s Partnership with Adventure Canada in Antarctica

For more than thirty years, Adventure Canada has been taking people to some of the most inspiring destinations on the planet. We believe that when we get people close to nature and immersed in culture, it can actually transform the way we see the world. At Wild Women Expeditions, we live for adventure, exploring the outdoors, and immersing ourselves in nature. SO, let’s head to the WILDEST place on earth – Antarctica!

On our Antarctic journeys, you’ll get to experience life in the rich waters of the Antarctic Peninsula and around the Shetland Islands – where you’ll admire icebergs as they coast past up close and personal on one of our Zodiac boats. 

Let’s deep dive into the rich experiences these expeditions promise as well as describe the magnificent ship, The Ocean Endeavour, in detail – giving you a complete picture of these once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic trips that truly have something for everyone.



Antarctic Expedition #1 – Antarctic Whale Journey

Experience the wildlife of the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula on our Antarctic Whale Journey. Sailing towards Antarctica, you’ll feel a fall in temperature as we cross the Antarctic Convergence. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see seabirds, whales, and other species that are attracted by the nutrient-rich waters.

Before embarking, you’ll have the opportunity to explore Ushuaia – the most southern town in the world! You can also explore the Tierra Del Fuego (Land of Fire) national park or visit one of the many cafes or artisan markets that this quaint and remote village offers.

Antarctic Whale Journey Itinerary Overview

Over the first two days, you’ll sail through the Drake Peninsula – where waters can be as calm as glass or rough and turbulent. It’s important that you’re prepared for both options! During this time, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the numerous amenities – such as taking a yoga class or soaking up knowledge at a lecture offered by our experienced Antarctic expedition team.

As you sail around the Antarctic Peninsula, you’ll have the opportunity to take in stunning vistas. Mountains, volcanoes, and sheets of ice are unfamiliar yet striking – especially against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. 

Your Zodiac boat will bring you up close and personal as we spend the next four days journeying through the Southern Peninsula. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to climb to viewpoints, kayak, mingle with wildlife, and hone your photography skills with help from our knowledgeable staff.

The last two days will be spent heading back towards Ushuaia, reflecting on the memories you’ve created and the moments captured by the photographs you’ve taken. During this time, you can sit in on lectures or take advantage of the relaxing spa facilities offered – to make the most of your exciting trip.

Finally, you’ll disembark after a delicious breakfast – either to be taken to the airport, or you may choose to spend a few more days exploring this unique and beautiful southern town.



Antarctic Expedition #2 – Journey To The Circle

This adventure will give you the opportunity to say you’ve travelled to the Antarctic Circle and check the “visit every continent” off your bucket list! Our Journey to the Circle begins in Ushuaia, much like in the Antarctic Whale Journey – before embarking on the Ocean Endeavour for your journey.  

Journey to the Circle Itinerary Overview

On this exciting Antarctic journey, you’ll travel through the Drake Passage before settling in at the Antarctic Peninsula for four days. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to explore beautiful vistas and see the incredibly unique wildlife that this reclusive continent has to offer.

From the peninsula, you’ll head towards the Antarctic Circle – a location travelled by very few explorers (and now you!) You’ll get to see incredible ice formations and catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife -from Weddell Seals to Minke Whales. Here, you’ll share a toast with your fellow adventurers to the pioneers of the Antarctic and celebrate your achievements before setting sail to the Shetland Islands.  

At the Shetland Islands, you’ll spend the day on the Zodiac boats and along the shore, taking in everything the landscape has to offer before packing it in and heading towards beautiful Ushuaia.



Antarctic Expedition # 3 – Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer

Voyage in comfort aboard the Ocean Endeavour from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula – and back. After embarking to Antarctica from Ushuaia, we’ll sail through the Drake Passage, where you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of the ship’s amenities.  

Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falklands Explorer Itinerary Overview

Arriving on the Antarctic Peninsula, you’ll follow in the footsteps of fellow adventurers and kayak through beautiful, ice-laden waters. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the shores and take in breathtaking vistas while brushing up on your photography skills. Your Zodiac boat allows you to explore where you can’t trek – and you’ll be able to watch for and photograph the beautiful wildlife that inhabits this area.

Sailing away from the peninsula, you’ll head to Elephant Island – famous for keeping most of the elusive explorer Shackleton’s crew safe while their rescue team was sent for on the Georgian Islands. Weather permitting, you’ll also get to check out Point Wild to get a true sense of the heroics displayed by the crew – who survived in this harsh and inhospitable place for four months.  

After sailing away from Elephant Island, you’ll head to South Georgia, which has one of the most concentrated populations of wildlife on the planet. Here, you’ll have opportunities to hike and explore some of the densely populated beaches and landscapes – taking in what has been appropriately named “The Southern Galapagos.” 

We strive to ensure that each day is different from the last and provide a plethora of opportunities to explore – from the abandoned whaling stations to standing among thousands of penguins – there’s something for everyone to get excited about.

Finally, you’ll sail to the Falkland Islands, where new opportunities for adventure abound! You’ll tour the East and West Islands on your Zodiac boat, making frequent shore landings. Weather permitting, you may even explore hidden inlets on your own kayak where new species of flora and fauna will greet you. We also offer an opportunity to check out the capital of the Falkland Islands, Port Stanley.  

After your exciting day on the Falkland Islands, you’ll begin to sail back to beautiful Ushuaia, where you can either spend a few days on your own or fly back home with incredible memories and photographs to last a lifetime.



The Ocean Endeavour – Antarctic Expedition Ship

The Ocean Endeavour is a small expedition ship strengthened for the might of the Arctic Ocean.  It emphasizes safety through advanced navigation equipment, stabilizers, and medical staff to ensure everyone feels comfortable on board. The ship also has plenty to keep you entertained as you voyage to the ends of the earth!

Ocean Endeavour Meals 

We will keep you happily fed with a variety of world-class meals served a la carte – allowing you to cater your food to what you like. We offer fish and vegetarian options as well and can accommodate food allergies, dietary restrictions, and any additional preferences with notice.  

Take in beautiful ocean views from your table, and don’t forget to have one of our highly acclaimed desserts! Between meals, there’s also an early bird breakfast, afternoon tea, and late-night snacks – plus tea, coffee, and cookies always available for those of you who love a midnight snack.

Craving Education on Antarctica? We’ve got you

Beyond your meals, the Ocean Endeavour aims to educate. Our resource staff is always available to help you gain a deeper knowledge of the surrounding habitats you’ll see – as well as a carefully curated book collection in the Compass Room to enhance what you learn each day.

Ocean Endeavour Lounges

Up in the Nautilus Lounge, there’s a full bar and stage, as well as enough seating for everyone on the ship. You can find the gift shop here as well! 

The Aurora Lounge is where smaller, more intimate presentations are hosted – equipped to have both screenings and lectures. 

The Meridian Lounge is our top-deck seating area with panoramic views – our top choice for yoga and stretching sessions, tabletop games, and small workshops.

Additional Amenities Galore

Need to relax? The Ocean Endeavour has all the amenities you need! Relax your sore muscles with a trip to one of the dry saunas, or head outside to soak in the hot tub. Need to swim? There’s an outdoor heated swimming pool that you can float in while taking in the beautiful views. You can even get a workout in at our 24-hour gym.  

You’ll also get to store your equipment and gear in a personal cubby in the mudroom before you retire to one of the cabins, with a variety of options available depending on your needs. 



Antarctic Expedition Adventures Overview

At Wild Women Expeditions, we aim to make travelling safe, sustainable, and ultimately an incredible experience for all women of every background. We build a community of like-minded women of varying skill levels – who share a love of adventure and a passion for unique experiences. 

With our expert guides, travellers can take in everything that the outdoors has to offer without the fear of going alone. On our trips, you’ll make lifelong friends, bonding over the shared journey you’ll take to and beyond Antarctica.