Let’s hear your voice!

You’re a passionate woman with a powerful relationship to wild nature. That can take many forms, touch on many ideas and themes. There’s no one else like you, no journey quite like yours. Show us how that special connection informs your life and the lives of women you know. Join the wild woman movement online and send us your essays, articles, humour, poetry, short fiction and heart-to-heart talks with other women. Every life is an adventure and we want to hear about what drives your spirit wild.

Our wild-at-heart editors are actively seeking original, thought-provoking, funny, sexy, articulate and heartfelt pieces by women writers of all ages and backgrounds, from travel veterans to virgin voyageurs.

Tell us how it feels to portage a canoe or kayak for the first time; to push against fears and find transcendence. Celebrate the achievements and interests of other women you feel we ought to recognize in the magazine; share your visions of spirituality, wildlife, motherhood, friendship, adventure, creativity, sexuality and more.

If you have always dreamed of writing something, now’s your chance. While we can’t publish every submission we receive, your work will be read and treated with the care, respect and consideration it deserves.

One of our primary visions is to inspire the wild spirit in you as it connects to nature. We welcome your words (and pictures!) because we know that there’s nothing quite as powerful as a woman armed with a great story sharing it with her sisters.

Please send your submission or inquiries to magazine@wildwomenexp.com

Submission Guidelines

1. Please include your submission via an attachment (preferably Word or in the body of an email)

2. If you include images for our consideration, please credit appropriately and ensure they are high resolution.

3. We will only publish material that has not been published on other publications, with the exception of your personal blog or book.

4. Suggested word count for articles is 500-1000 words

5. Submissions published on the online (blog) version of the magazine are not paid, however authors may be invited to publish their work in the print version of the magazine, which does offer monetary compensation.


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