Wild Women Expeditions Cares: 3 Things We Want You To Know

By Candice Bartlett | March 19, 2020


We’ve got your back.

No wild woman left behind. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re focused on supporting all of the women booked on Wild Women adventures this year. We’re caring for our community, and keeping our clients safe-assisting them in trip transfers for a later date where needed.


We’ve got our partner’s back.

We have our hearts wide open and want to be in solidarity with the people we work with around the world. We know that our partners in Nepal, Peru, Italy, and other places devastated by this pandemic will rise. We will be coming back! We’re inspired by your resilience.


Adventure is everywhere.

The wild is not closed. Although things are changing shape and shifting how we work and play, stay healthy and connected nature lovers. For those of you that can access these spaces- walk in the woods, get barefoot where you can, open a window, and let nature ground you ♡