Wild Women

by Sarah Calvert | April 25, 2016

These wise women I meet along the way ferociously look out for me.

Although we have not known one another for many moons, there is a kinship that has arisen quickly.

A bond.

A sisterhood.

A fast-formed friendship that does not belong in the confines of time.

I am blessed to know these women.

Their struggles and strifes.

Successes and breakthroughs.

I am fortunate to be privy to their songs as I listen with an open heart, breathing in their melodies and stories.

I watch them spread their wings and depart from their once familiar ground,

that old territory that they know so well.

They courageously leave this behind, like a snake shedding its skin; once part of them, but needed no longer.

Exploring new horizons, seeking the strange, open to uncertainty, optimistic and hopeful.

Sometimes there is hesitation.

Often tears.

Resistance to the unknown.

And yet, not enough of this to hold these Wild Women back from pursuing what it is they desire and need to pursue.

They foray fearlessly into uncertainty until the tears become vehicles for letting go—opening to joy.

Certain that no matter what—triumph or no triumph,

there is no chance of failure, for setting out is triumph already.

I hold them close to my heart as I too embark upon the journey of the soul.

I look out for them ferociously with tender words and actions.

They are now my kin, my tribe, my pack.

They are—we are—Wild Women.


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