We’ve been around for three decades offering inspiring outdoor adventures to women and have learned a few things…


Shared Leadership: Our Unique Approach

Everyone has something unique to share.

We provide skilled facilitation and guidance, but our guides leave behind any need to be the ‘heroine’ – the one who knows everything in the group. There is a wide range of experience for every outing; from women who have been professional guides, to women who don’t know a tent pole from a walking stick.

While we value those who can easily whip a canoe up onto their shoulders, we equally value the excitement of someone hoisting an oar for the first time, regardless of skill level. While some may barely be able to keep their kayak in line, others may boast a positive attitude that keeps our spirits high. Whatever your particular gift – be it expertly packing a rucksack, or the ability to juggle mangoes – we welcome it!

At Wild Women Expeditions, we hope to create experiences that are both challenging AND relaxing. We want you to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination, and we strive to offer options that meet different women’s wants and needs. We encourage you to let go and get wild! We value freedom of expression and want to give you the space to maybe see yourself in a new light, outside of your regular responsibilities and everyday roles.


Creating a Community of Amazing Women

We have learned the importance of creating an inclusive environment on our trips, and diversity is integral to our mission. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, and we welcome women of all ages, sexual orientations, and identities, including transgender women. We do not tolerate comments or behaviours that are oppressive to others, and will respectfully address this in conversation if the situation arises.

Our trips are founded on a love of the outdoors, a sense of adventure, and the joy of sharing a new experience with other spirited women. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing so many relationships thrive over the years. We’ve witnessed travel and adventure buddies making amazing new memories. We’ve had business partnerships form, we’ve seen women meet future lovers, watched as a guide’s career has been born, and been there when lifelong friendships were forged.  


Taking Care of Our Environment

We’ve learned that we get a lot from giving back and caring for the wild places we love to explore. We have a profound respect for the environment and aim to leave the wilderness in better shape than when we got there. We avoid actions that disrupt and disturb wildlife as much as possible.

WWE is passionate about environmental conservation and strives to help protect the special places we visit by supporting environmental education, advocacy campaigns, and community projects. We seek out opportunities to support programs that foster female empowerment, and we partner with social justice and women’s rights organizations in an effort to make a difference both locally and globally.

Ultimately, we’ve learned to lead with our heart. And from our heart has sprung these supportive, celebratory adventures…trips where we can share in our strengths as equals, feel gratitude for our power, and revel in the wonder and beauty this big blue marble has to offer.


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