No one wants to be a MILD woman.

No one dreams of tame adventures.

  No one calls it the ‘good’ outdoors.

                                                    No one says that life is long.

                       No one hopes for another dose of ordinary.



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You’re cordially invited to bet on yourself.

Don’t worry, you’ll have a cheering squad of women as the ace up your sleeve. (Or as we call it around here, your wild card.)

As the largest women’s travel company in the world, we’ve spent the last 30 years creating safe, empowering, and exhilarating ways for women to escape the ordinary and explore the world. It’s wild (wink) to think that we started as an all-women canoe tripping company in Canada in 1991 and today you can find us in over 30 countries across every continent.


Women to the front

Beyond being female-founded and owned, we employ women in every role from tour leaders to local, on-the-ground guides. So yeah, we’ve been supporting and championing women leadership long before it was trendy. Talk about a great adventure.


Let’s get wild

Whether you can whip a canoe onto your shoulders to portage without a pause, or have never brandished a paddle (in a boat)…

Whether you could expertly pack a rucksack with your eyes closed, or have never thrown one on your back…

Whether your greatest skill is tracking a storm or talking up a storm, summiting mountains or summoning courage, keeping your kayak in line or coloring outside the lines…you deserve to explore the world and see yourself in a new light—and our expeditions will do exactly that.



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What It’ll Feel Like

Our skilled guides offer expert facilitation and guidance, but always with the group’s diverse needs and desires in mind. So you’ll have a trusted pro at your side plus a group of supportive women who have your back. This is the perfect recipe for finding a new passion, falling in love with a new place, honoring a new life chapter, or discovering new friendships. Plus, we personally handle every aspect of the planning and booking, so the only thing you have to do is countdown the days until takeoff. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to Antarctica or Peru or Mongolia , your trip is purposefully designed to be challenging but also relaxing so that you can experience a new, (liberated) side of yourself.

Well would you look at that? You’re out of reasons to put it off any longer.


Who Will Be There

Short answer: The most inclusive, supportive, spirited, joyful group of women you’ve ever met.

Long answer: Diversity is not just a buzzword to us. Our community is made up of women of all ages, sexual orientations, and identities. We welcome every single one of you—solo travelers, partners, pals—but we do not welcome (or tolerate) comments or behaviors that are oppressive to others. If the only thing you have in common with each other is a love of the outdoors, a sense of adventure, and a desire to experience something new, we’d be thrilled. But over the last three decades we’ve seen relationships go way beyond that. From business partners to lovers to lifelong friendships and everywhere in between. We see a lot of spectacular views, but this remains one of our favorite things to behold.

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Why It Matters

We know that as much as traveling the world has an impact on us, we also have an impact on her and hold deep caring for our Mother Earth. With that in mind—and with profound respect for the environment—we consider it our responsibility to leave the wilderness in better shape than we found it.

This manifests in a few ways:
—Avoiding actions that disrupt and disturb wildlife.
—Supporting environmental education, advocacy campaigns, and community projects.
—Partnering with social justice and women’s rights organizations in an effort to make a difference both locally and globally.

Wild Women Expeditions aren’t trips, they’re celebratory adventures. They offer a chance to revel in the wonder and beauty of the world, and of ourselves.

Oh great, now we’re weepy.