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Follow in the path of famed explorers and voyage where few have ever visited. In this remote, largely untouched part of the world, the scenery and wildlife are spectacular: sculptural icebergs the size of mountains glisten in the sun, penguins gather in the hundreds of thousands and whales gracefully breach the surface of the water, saying hello. With fellow Wild Women by your side, embrace this immersive adventure and get way, way out of your comfort zone (polar dip, anyone?).

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The Healing Power of Friendships and Penguins

Vickie Barker recently joined the Journey to the Antarctic Circle trip just two weeks after her beloved husband passed away. Allowing herself to be vulnerable, she shared her grief with the group, who all in turn, provided her with unexpected support and new friendships.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Antarctica

Why is Antarctica the ultimate adventure? Franny Bergschneider, Wild Women Expeditions’ Program and Operations Manager and resident polar expert explains it all! A Land Dedicated To Science And Peace…

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From Whitefish, Montana to Antarctica: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey

In January, Candi Stearns and her daughter, Brooke Stearns Lawson, found themselves in Antarctica’s frozen embrace on Wild Women Expeditions’ Journey to the Antarctic Circle. Their family and friends couldn’t comprehend why they would choose to travel somewhere colder than Whitefish, Montana. In the winter!

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An Unexpected Plunge: How Monique Ended up in Antarctica

Monique’s friends were doubtful from the get-go. “You’re not a cold weather person–you wear a sweater in the summer!”“How are you going to get there? You’re not an explorer or…

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Animals of the Antarctic: 10 Things you Never Knew

There’s nothing that spells adventure quite like a trip to the farthest reaches of our beautiful planet. In an ice-covered continent that boasts the world’s coldest temperature ever recorded (a balmy -89.2 degrees celsius), you will visit the home of some of the earth’s most elusive, beautiful, and resilient animals – the animals of the Antarctic. 

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