The Wild Women Way

At some point in our lives, we’ve all made a pledge, out loud or inwardly. As Girl Guides, we promised to be our best and to be true to ourselves, our beliefs and our countries. We agreed to take action for a better world. As campers and hikers, we agree to the “leave no trace” principles that govern wild spaces. We plan and prepare ahead, minimize our impact, respect wildlife and each other. 

The Wild Women Way is similar. We pledge to move through the world with purpose—both deeply and lightly, and most importantly, we travel and relate to one another thoughtfully. We listen and support each other. Our individual challenges, beliefs and interests are unique, and together we have tremendous strength.

We ARE the group

We cheerlead for each other and share the anticipation, apprehension and accomplishments each day brings. We recognize that we each contribute to the group atmosphere, and do our best to create a welcoming environment for everyone. Every Wild Women group is distinctive—we might meet like-minded women, and we might not. At the very least, we feel seen, heard and respected, and offer the same in return.

We care for one another and celebrate our similarities and differences; homophobia, racism, classism, or oppression of any kind are not welcome here.

We know the limits of “comfort”

We might be uncomfortable at times. Each of us has a different comfort zone (whether that’s on the hiking trail, trying new foods, or sleeping in unusual places), which will vary with level of experience, skill and sense of adventure. When we face new challenges in a supportive environment, we expand. Growth is often uncomfortable but it’s also rewarding if we’re physically up for the challenge and feel supported. If a challenge really is above our skill level, we recognize this and know that opting out is a safer, empowered choice as an individual and for the group.

We stick together

We experience our adventures together, for both safety and camaraderie. We’re only as fast as the slowest woman, and we’re okay with that! We like to balance “getting somewhere” with “being somewhere,” and only split groups up with the permission of the guides and a clear plan of when and where to reunite.

We’re flexible

We recognize that the nature of expedition travel is that itineraries may change without much notice. As Wild Women, we embrace “what is” and trust that the guides are making the best decisions based on their depth of experience and the current conditions. We also trust that this information will be communicated in a timely and compassionate manner.

Baja group hug

Photo: Elisabeth Mering

The Wild Women Way is simple, yet profound. When we come together in adventure, supporting and challenging one another, we co-create the conditions for tremendous growth and life-changing connections.

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