Social Impact

Transforming Lives

Committed to Meaningful Travel

We know that as much as traveling the world has an impact on us, we also have an impact on Mother Earth and her people. With that in mind, we consider it our responsibility to leave the wilderness in better shape than we found it and to help support the communities we visit.

Women weaving at Awakami, a co-op in Peru

Women Empowering Women 

As you enjoy the expedition of a lifetime, know that you’re also empowering women leaders to break boundaries in male-dominated fields, bring greater economic stability to their communities and use their platforms to advocate for social and environmental causes. We frequent women-owned or run businesses, learn new skills—from weaving to cooking—from women artisans and get to know the local women of the communities we have the privilege to visit.

Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Sustainable Travel

As we explore pristine ecological reserves, travel to distant pockets of the Earth and observe wildlife in their natural habitat, we deepen our understanding of our place within a wonderfully biodiverse world. Following the guidance of local stewards of the land, we avoid actions that disturb wildlife, and we make an effort to be thoughtful when it comes to everything from trip planning to experiencing each day’s adventures.

See What We’re Up To

Rewriting the Story for Women in Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia

At Wild Women Expeditions, we are lucky to have a platform to amplify issues that face women and girls in the countries that we are so privileged to visit on our Wild Women adventures. As a socially-responsible tourism company, we also appreciate that we have a lovely community of Wild Women who want to learn more about the lives of women around the world and help when an extra hand is needed.

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