King Penguin of the Antarctic

Animals of the Antarctic- 10 Things you Never Knew

By Becky Parmiter | March 19, 2021


There’s nothing that spells adventure quite like a trip to the farthest reaches of our beautiful planet. In an ice-covered continent that boasts the world’s coldest temperature ever recorded (a balmy -89.2 degrees celsius), you will visit the home of some of the earth’s most elusive, beautiful, and resilient animals – the animals of the Antarctic. 

Their adaptation to the extreme winds and dryness of the world’s fifth-largest continent is nothing short of amazing. This guarantees a most excellent and wondrous journey for those who dare to visit this strange and exotic land.

But before you start packing for this once-in-a-lifetime expedition, we thought we’d give you some food for thought by showcasing the 10 most amazing and unbelievable facts about the animals of the Antarctic that call this icy wonderland home.



#1 – The Peculiar Rockhopper Penguins of the Falkland Islands


The Falkland Islands are located approximately 500 kilometres off the coast of South America’s Patagonian coast and are home to five species of Penguins – all with distinct characteristics and charming personalities that you’re sure to fall in love with. Some of the penguin species that live there are in overabundance, while others are a bit more elusive – regardless, they’re sure to delight and make for an exciting bird-watching adventure that you’ll never forget. 

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but the Rockhopper Penguin comes in at our number one spot for their death-defying acrobatics amongst the rocky and icy terrain that they call home. Coming in at a mere 60 centimetres, the Rockhopper Penguins perform death-defying tricks for the lucky few who visit them each year by jumping from rock to rock, scaling massive cliffs, and balancing on peaks that even the most experienced rock climber would think twice about. 

Not only are they magnificent climbers and jumpers, but they’re also renowned for the distinctive yellow spiky markings on their heads that are amplified by red eyes that are both mysterious and a bit spooky.



#2 – The Lashing Leopard Seal

Leopard Seal of the Antarctic


Although only 6 of the 35 species of seals live in Antarctica – the cunning hunters that call this icy wonderland home make up the majority of the seals on our entire planet! In fact, because of the plethora of seals that make up the continent’s animal population, the earliest explorations of Antarctica were for the sole purpose of hunting them for their furry coats and oily blubber. Thankfully, all seal species are protected – which means that there’s an abundance of opportunities to visit and interact with these curious creatures. 

The number two animal of the Antarctic on our list is given to a fearless hunter who takes the cake as the only seal who kills other mammals for food; the Lashing Leopard Seal. As the second-largest species of seal in the Antarctic (after the elephant seal), this ruthless renegade has only one natural predator; the orca. With incredibly long bodies and spotted skin (hence the name), the number two animal on our animals of Antarctica list gives all the other animals a run for their money – and perhaps a run in the opposite direction when they’re confronted by one!



#3 – The (Really) Big Blue Whale


It probably comes as no surprise to you that the number three animal of the Antarctic in our list pays tribute to the beautiful blue whale. Not only are they the largest animal to have ever existed, but they also have made a major comeback after years of whaling, despite falling to very small numbers. 

What’s really amazing about these marine mammals (besides their enormous size – up to 30 metres in length) is that their tongues can weigh as much as an elephant! If that’s not enough, their hearts can weigh as much as an automobile. I think they give The Titanic’s ‘Heart of the Ocean’ a run for its money, don’t you think?



#4 – The Beautiful Blue Eyed Cormorants 

Blue Eyed Cormorant of the Antarctic


There’s nothing quite like staring into big beautiful blue eyes – especially when they’re perfectly placed on the adorable long-necked Cormorant. Also known as Imperial Shags (yeahhhh baby), these amazing creatures are the only Antarctic bird to keep year-round nests, weather permitting. 

Even with their brilliant appearance, they’re not ideal neighbours as they consistently prowl for fresh nesting material from the other 20,000 Cormorants that call the beautiful continent of Antarctica home.



#5 – The Sneaky Southern Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal of the Antarctic


Another seal hits our list at number five, the sneaky southern elephant seal. Out of all the seal species that live in the Antarctic, the elephant seal is by far the biggest – weighing up to 4,000 kilograms!

If you happen to find yourself diving in Antarctica (wait..don’t do that), you’re likely to find an elephant seal or two keeping you company. That’s because this animal of the antarctic can dive up to 1,000 metres, for up to 20 minutes at a time! They achieve this amazing feat by exhaling before diving to get gases out of their system. 



#6 – The Unfortunately Finite Fin Whale

Fin Whale of the Antarctic


If a glimpse of a nearly extinct marine mammal is what you’re after, there’s always a chance that you’ll be able to spot the amazingly agile fin whale on your adventure in Antarctica. As the second-largest whale species, they can live up to 90 years of age.

Known as the greyhounds of the sea, these beautiful creatures can weigh up to 130 tonnes – which makes their nimble abilities even more incredible. They’re well known for their ability to glide through the water in a symphonic majesty despite their large size.

The most unbelievable fact about the fin whale is that they use their accordion-like throats to gulp down up to 4,000 pounds of food per day!



#7 – The Carefree Commerson’s Dolphin

Commerson's Dolphin of the Antarctic


Also known as Panda Dolphins because of their unique black and white markings, the carefree commerson’s dolphin loves a good ride on the waves close to shore – often showing off by displaying figure eights for their attentive audience. A laid-back, friendly marine mammal, the commerson’s dolphin swims with other species of dolphins, including the Peale’s dolphin, the Burmeister’s porpoise, and the Chilean dolphin.

They’re also known for their ravenous hunger! They eat up to 13 pounds in a day thanks to their metabolism that’s unlike any dolphin or whale species that exists!



#8 – The Curious Cobb’s Wren

Cobb's Wren of the Antarctic


The curious Cobb’s Wren is a friendly and approachable bird whose relatively small population (around 7,000 total) is found only in the Falkland Islands. Named after the author Arthur Cobb who famously shot one using rice as his ammunition (we definitely don’t condone this) – the Cobb’s Wren is a popular draw to this majestic area of the world for bird watchers alike.

What’s most amazing about the Cobb’s Wren is that despite their small population in a remote region, they adapt and thrive thanks to the strategic homestead they create on the areas of the island that aren’t occupied by their natural predators.



#9 – The Kind-Hearted King Penguin

King Penguin of the Antarctic


Our top 10 list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of our favourite penguins in Antarctica, the kind-hearted King Penguin. Unlike their Emperor Penguin cousins, the matched couples share in the duties of incubating their eggs. 

They also share an incredibly unique characteristic with the rest of the penguin species. If you can get close enough, you might be able to see the circular pupil of their eye change to square when constricted!



#10 – The Marvelous Macaroni Penguin

Macaroni Penguin of the Antarctic


With a name derived from the famous nursery rhyme “Yankee Doodle,” the marvellous macaroni penguin comes in at our last spot in our top 10 things you never knew about animals of the Antarctic list. Not only are they marvellous, but they’re also extremely magnificent, proudly displaying a distinctive yellow crown on their heads.

As the loudest penguin species, their cries are heard by their other macaroni comrades – and above all the other cries from the other penguin species! But what makes these awe-inspiring animals the most recognizable is their unique mating dance as they choose their partner for life, often nicknamed “the ecstatic display.”



Visiting the Animals of the Antarctic

Now that your interest has peaked about travelling to the far-off continent of Antarctica, you’re probably wondering how you can join the lucky few that have been able to witness the majestic landscape, resilient wildlife, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that this incredible region has to offer.

Thankfully, Wild Women are heading to Antarctica! We’ll ensure that your trip of a lifetime to the Antarctic brings you everything you’ve ever dreamed of, including viewing the amazing animals of the Antarctic!

We’ve got exciting things up our sleeve with journeys to the Antarctic Circle, small ship cruises of South Georgia and the Falklands, and a once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic Whale Journey!



#1 – Wild Women Expeditions – Journey to the Antarctic Circle

On this incredible expedition, you’ll get to explore the areas between Ushuaia and Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula and back – onboard the majestic Ocean Endeavour.

Not only will you get to view some of the incredible animals of the Antarctic we’ve discussed in this article. You’ll also get to view breathtaking scenery including icebergs, volcanos, and glaciated mountains galore – up close and personal via a Zodiac boat.


#2 – Wild Women Expeditions – Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falklands Explorer

Following in the wake of Shackleton and other famous Antarctic explorers who fearlessly paved a path on one of the greatest sea voyages in history, this adventure not only takes you from Ushuaia and Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula and back – it also includes the remote Falkland Islands and South Georgia! 

For those of you that have been enticed by the thought of seeing the famous Rockhopper Penguins of the Falkland Islands, this expedition is for you!


#3 – Wild Women Expeditions – Antarctic Whale Journey

This adventure takes you from Ushuaia, Argentina, and the Antarctic Peninsula and back – and includes the South Shetland Islands to boot! 

If you’re keen to see all of the animals of the Antarctic including albatross, several species of penguins, and of course – whales, this is the expedition for you. You might even get up close and personal with a whale from the comfort of your very own kayak!


We hope that our top 10 things you never knew about animals of the Antarctic have given you a myriad of reasons to put a visit to the remote continent of Antarctica to the top of your list. Not only will you create memories to last a lifetime, you’ll also open your senses to a world that’s beyond your imagination.

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