July 4, 2023

Flying solo? When you travel with a Wild Women Expeditions group, you’re never alone!

- By Jules Torti

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You’re a dreamer, we know that. You know where you want to go. You have flexibility, time and spontaneity on your side.

BUT. No one in your circle can commit to a trip because they can’t find a dog sitter. They’re at the cottage that week. The in-laws are coming. They’re getting a knee replaced. The grandbaby is almost due. Their daughter is getting married. They simply don’t have the flexibility. Or time. Or spontaneity. Like you!

That’s where we come in and hold your hand. If you want to sign up for a Wild Women adventure, do it! We’ll match you with a roommate, no sweat. We don’t charge the silly single supplement fee because we don’t believe in charging women for making the awesome decision to travel by themselves.

You’ll have an instant group of built-in companions and camaraderie when you choose to travel with us. Many of the women who book Wild Women Expeditions adventures sign up as singles while some bring their best friend, wife, sister, mother or niece. There are no rules besides focusing on having the time of your life! 

The bonds that develop between women who travel together are stickier than taffy. Experiencing a new destination together means sharing the same jitters, jet lag, obstacles, summits, exhilaration and bumpy Land Cruiser. It also means sharing protein bars, binoculars, Band-aids, an umbrella, stories, fears and, always, laughs.

Of course, you can always choose a private upgrade (available on selected trips) to ensure your own private space if that’s what you prefer. It’s the best of both worlds, really. Keep to your usual routine of meditation, journaling, cat naps or sleeping nude and then join the group for breakfast and enjoy the company of your fellow Wild Women all day long.

Don’t believe us? Hear from some of our enthusiastic solo travelers: 

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“I just got back from Azores which I booked alone with WWE. I lucked out with the most fabulous group of horsewomen! I’m now planning my next WWE vacation for Banff next year with one of the ladies I met on the trip.”


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“Traveling by yourself in the group forces you to make deeper connections with people. It was priceless.”


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“I’ve done four ‘solo’ trips with WWE. You’re never alone though. You’ll make friends really fast. WWE is perfectly set up for traveling by yourself. I highly recommend getting paired with someone rather than doing a single upgrade. It’s a lot of fun meeting new people and anyone I’ve traveled with who has done that has wished she hadn’t.”


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“I was terrified to travel alone but met the most amazing women on the trip so I never felt alone or lonely. Do it, you will make the best friends & travel companions.”


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“It was the best way to go, most of the women are on their own so you quickly make friends and it’s a most excellent adventure!”


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“I typically travel alone, whether with WWE or on my own, but going with WWE I always end up making good friends. It’s a completely different dynamic travelling and meeting with like-minded women. Book any of the trips; a lot of thought and planning has gone into the trips so you won’t be disappointed.”


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“7 of my 8 WWE trips have been solo. Put yourself out there. You will be rewarded with new sisters and life-long friendships. You will know you’ve found your tribe 5 minutes after being introduced. Let the magic happen!”


Interested in chatting with us? Email us at adventure@wildwomenexpeditons.com or call us at 1-888-993-1222!

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