You’ve officially booked your Wild Women Adventure. We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to have you aboard! To start off, we will outline both our minimum expectations, along with our suggestion on what we feel will ensure your medical and financial needs are taken care of.

We don’t want you to miss that adventure, but sometimes the unexpected happens! Ensuring that you have appropriate travel insurance coverage can really decrease the stress and financial pain. Here are some of the basic factors you’ll want to consider.


What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance typically refers to three types of coverage that you can buy individually or all together in what is often called comprehensive insurance.

  • Trip Cancellation: covers cancellation of your trip before you start on your journey
  • Trip Interruption: covers delays and interruptions once you have started on your journey (e.g. flight/weather delays; missed connections; and sometimes may cover things like lost baggage, car rentals, etc.)
  • Medical Coverage: covers any issues regarding your health and sometimes the health of your travel partner/medical issues with family members.
  • Cancel For Any Reason Coverage: as the name implies, allows you to cancel for more reasons than traditional cancellation coverage (e.g. your dog is sick, you are called to work, travel restrictions are in place, and you can’t travel or don’t feel comfortable travelling)
When Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

Every plan has different requirements, but in order to maximize coverage and be eligible for cancellation insurance, you typically need to purchase insurance between 72 hours – 21 days after you pay for any portion of your tour.

What Do We Require?

It is mandatory that all wild women obtain travel medical insurance with a minimum medical coverage of $200,000 USD (or $500,000 USD for all small ship expeditions) while travelling with WWE. Note that emergency and health care coverage vary between provinces, so we recommend checking if you are travelling.

This insurance must cover personal injury and emergency medical expenses, including, but not limited to, helicopter evacuation, air ambulance, and repatriation. Clients must provide proof of Insurance on their Travel Details Form during the trip preparation process, or they will be declined participation on their adventure.

What Do We Suggest?

It is strongly recommended the coverage be extended to include cancellation, curtailment, and all other expenses that might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience occurring to the Client during travel.

WWE shall have no liability for loss, theft of or damage to baggage or personal effects. Personal belongings lost or stolen while unattended by the client in public lounges or other public areas, whether onboard a vessel, train, bus, or another mode of transportation, publicly owned or operated by WWE or elsewhere, are not reimbursable.

Losses due to ordinary wear and tear and other acts of God are not reimbursable. WWE cannot accept responsibility for and in no event shall be liable for loss or damage of valuables or other articles left in or on facilities used by WWE such as hotels, homestays, vessels, expedition vehicles, or any other mode of transportation

Why Do I Need Insurance?

This is a great question!
We completely understand the hesitation, but that’s why we have created this resource site – to diminish any hesitation you may have!

So, WHY buy?  There are various reasons we (and all tour companies have a minimum expectation on insurance). First and foremost, for your protection.  Insurance covers you for anything unforeseen or unexpected.  Now, this includes Medical Emergency in destination (medical insurance), or before departure (cancellation insurance) this will also cover you for… an unexpected pandemic?!

Insurance companies specializing in travel will also cover you upfront for any medical emergencies in destination (where possible) reducing the worry on the traveller, should anything happen while you’re on your adventure! Insurance will also protect your investment – should anything happen before your departure, that is unforeseen and unexpected, your purchase is completely covered.

For exact details on coverage reasons, please refer to the exact policy that you will be purchasing.  

Do I Need Travel Insurance When Travelling Within My Own Country?

Outside of your province/state of residence, you need to ensure that you have proper coverage.  I.e., Travelling from Ontario to British Columbia, your OHIP (Ontario Health) coverage will no longer cover you, which is where insurance coverage will step in. The same thing goes for interstate travel, from New York to California, it is suggested you ensure you have proper coverage for departing your home state.

What Is Trip Cancellation And What Does It Cover?

Trip cancellation coverage covers you for anything unforeseen and unexpected that comes up PRIOR to departure.  From the moment you purchase your insurance – to the moment you leave for the airport, you’re covered under Trip Cancellation.  Every insurance policy is different, so it is crucial to read through the coverage that you’re purchasing.  However, most Trip Cancellation packages will cover you for anything that comes up that IS NOT pre-existing.  I.e., You fall and break your leg 2 weeks before departure, covered.  You lose your job a month before departure, covered. Etc.  (please contact your specific insurance company for absolute specifics as every package is different).

Trip Cancellation packages often include Interruption Insurance as well.  This picks up from the second you leave to go to the airport until the second you get back home.  For example, you’re on your way to the airport, and there’s an accident on the highway that has stopped you from arriving on time for your flight, covered.  (as long as you’ve left yourself the suggested amount of time – 3 hours international flight etc.).

Do I Need To Complete A Medical Questionnaire?

Dependent on a few things, but yes.  Every company is different in terms of age requirements; however, should you be over 60 years old, you should expect to fill out a medical questionnaire prior to purchasing a policy.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must disclose this to the insurance condition before purchasing.  Without disclosing this information, your insurance could be void, and any claims denied.  If you do have a medical condition, disclosing this can help the insurance company give you a top-up on coverage to ensure this is properly protected (this can cost more, but will properly insure your coverage).

How Does a Government Issued Travel Advisory Affect Travel Coverage?

If there is a travel advisory against travel at the time you are purchasing your insurance – you WILL NOT be covered for cancellation for anything to do with that advisory.

Likewise, if there is an advisory for a specific region and you decide to travel there with that knowledge, you will not be covered in destination, with or without a purchased policy.

How Do I know Which Travel Protection Plan To Buy?

While this is a very personal question, we will always suggest purchasing the most comprehensive coverage. All-Inclusive Insurance will cover you for Medical, Cancellation, Interruption, Trip Accident, Baggage etc. The inclusive packages will also always have the most amount of medical coverage included.

If I Cancel My trip, Do I Get My Money Back?

Essentially, yes.  However, is anything ever that easy?!

There are a few steps to take prior to the insurance company giving you your money back.  First, you must go to your tour company (us!) and your airline to see where you sit in the cancellation policy.  If there is anything refundable from your trip that is due directly from the suppliers (us/airline), we are expected to pay that out, then the remainder will be paid out by the insurance company, should it be for the reason that is insurable.  

If I Change My Tavel Plans, Is Insurance Changeable?

As long as you are prior to your original departure and have not made any claims, then yes.

If I Have A Pre-Existing Medical Condition, Can I Still Purchase Travel Protection?

Yes, however, you MUST disclose this to the insurance company and purchase a MUPS policy (Medically Underwritten Plan Service) which will properly ensure that you are covered for anything pre-existing.

How Do I File A Claim?

You should first contact your insurance company to open a claim; they will give you a claim number and any/all documentation that you will need to fill out to submit your claim either electronically or written/by mail.

What Is CFAR?

Cancel for Any Reason. Manulife offers this for our Canadian clients only.

Canadian Clients: CFAR must be added within 72 hours of the original deposit.

CFAR is included in MOST All-Inclusive/Premium Protection Packages

With CFAR, it doesn’t matter why you cancel your trip – stubbed your toe? Cancel it! This allows the client to cancel their trip for any reason, should they not feel comfortable enough to travel.  You can expect to come across the following rules regarding CFAR, dependant on the coverage; this will cover you for – 50-75% of your non-refundable portion, which will be paid out without question.  Dependant on the policy must be cancelled up to 14 days before departure. Your original coverage must include cancellation protection in the full amount of your trip.  I.e.) trip cost was $5000; your insurable coverage must be $5000. Of course, there are some rules to this coverage; please refer to your specific insurer for additional details.

What If My Trip Is More Than 12 Months Away?

You can book insurance with Redpoint/Manulife 18 months before departure; for trips beyond this, unfortunately, you must wait to purchase your insurance until it is available and within the date range.

Unfortunately, this does mean that you would not meet the requirements for CFAR if booked outside of the date range.  You would, however, have all of the other coverages (Cancellation, Interruption, Medical, Baggage etc.). Of course, your insurance would not cover anything that occurs between booking your trip and purchasing your insurance package.  

What Is The Approximate Cost, What Should I Expect To Pay?

While many things can affect the cost, the general rule of thumb is that an all-inclusive package will cost approximately 10% of the cost of your trip.  (Age above 60, pre-existing conditions etc., can increase this cost.)

If I Can’t Get Insurance To Fit My Timeline, What Happens To My Trip?

Nothing, you will be booked as normal! It is suggested you do not purchase additional items (flights etc.) until insurance is available to be booked; we also suggest you add on your insurance the moment it is available to book!

I Am Over The Age Of 60, What Does That Mean For My Insurance?

Likely only that you will have to fill out a medical questionnaire, depending on the outcome, the price could be higher than persons booking under 60.  

How Do I Book My Insurance?

Let’s start with Canada!

Wild Women has secured an incredible working relationship with Manulife.  We have worked tirelessly comparing coverage and pricing so that you don’t have to!

Manulife offers a variety of coverage. We suggest that you protect your entire investment.  Booking the All-Inclusive Insurance will cover you for all your needs.  Medical, Cancellation, Interruption, Baggage, Travel and Flight Accident - you name it!  One other huge benefit of this package is the Cancel for ANY reason, can it be so… it sure can! Now, this package must be added on within 72 hours of your initial deposit; otherwise, your package will not include the Cancel for any Reason benefit (but will include everything else.)

Due to the current environment - Manulife is now offering a COVID19 coverage, which can be purchased in addition to your All-Inclusive Insurance package.

For full package details and information - please contact our dedicated Wild Women contact at the following: (please remember the timeline for Cancel for Any Reason - if you’re on a timeline, please call to ensure you’re taken care of on time!)

phone: 1-888-220-5212.

Please provide the following information in your inquiry:

Agency Code: WWEXPED 

Agent ID: Megan  

Please Note: Clients cannot get quotes directly on the partner page for trips to Antarctica and the Arctic. Clients need to contact our main Travel Services team to request a quote.

The Travel Services team email:
Phone: 415-481-0610.

A team member will collect the information below (and once approved), provide the client with a quote over email and assist the client with purchasing.

You will need the following info:

Resident country/state


Trip dates

Date of initial deposit

Date of birth

Trip cost

Clients do not have to have the trip booked to request a quote, but they do need to know the information above. Cancel For Any Reason coverage is only available for purchase within 14 days of the initial trip deposit (inclusive of the day of deposit).


Wild Women Expeditions is not licensed to sell travel insurance, but we have partnered with these trusted sources to provide for your coverage needs. If you are travelling outside of your country or province of residence, having Travel Medical Insurance is compulsory and must include the following:

  • Transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility in the event of injury
  • Helicopter evacuation/air ambulance etc. as well as medical repatriation to your home country for further treatment
  • Emergency overseas medical treatment, including treatment in a clinic or hospital, plus medicines as prescribed by your treating doctor
  • Coverage for at least $200,000 CAD ($150,000 USD) is required (note: small-ship expeditions requires a minimum of $500,000 USD per person Emergency Medical and Evacuation Insurance)

Canadian Residents Only

Get help covering your unexpected emergency medical expenses and more wherever you travel with a travel insurance plan from Manulife.

Coverage may include:

  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption & Disruption
  • Emergency Medical
  • Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay
  • Travel Accident

All Nationalities

Ripcord will cover your unexpected emergency medical expenses and more wherever you travel with a travel insurance plan from Ripcord.

Coverage may include:

  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption & Disruption
  • Emergency Medical and Dental
  • 24-hour Assistance Services
  • Baggage Loss, Damage and Delay
  • Travel Accident