March 6, 2023

Rewriting the Story for Women in Nepal, Thailand and Cambodia

- By Wild Women Expeditions

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At Wild Women Expeditions, we are lucky to have a platform to amplify issues that face women and girls in the countries that we are so privileged to visit on our Wild Women adventures. As a socially-responsible tourism company, we also appreciate that we have a lovely community of Wild Women who want to learn more about the lives of women around the world and help when an extra hand is needed.

On our Wild Women Expeditions trips based in Nepal and Thailand, we visit some of the remote villages where innocent girls are targeted by traffickers. We know that tourism can be a force for positive change and empowerment in these villages. We’ve seen the power of a global, united voice in changing policies surrounding the ethical treatment of elephants. We’ve championed and pushed for the training and hiring of female porters on the Inca Trail in Peru. We know that we have the power to contribute to a positive, impactful change. The Wild Women community can help rewrite this story.

With the momentum of International Women’s Day in our hearts, we’d like to share the story of a Nepalese girl who was rescued from sex slavery. This 30-minute documentary, The Twelve Thousand, tells the story of Sona. The video is beautiful, raw and educational. She was brought to a safe house operated by the Ally Global Foundation. Ally helps survivors of human trafficking find healing and restoration through safe homes, education and job training. Survivors of human trafficking have lived through immense trauma, and their pain can make them feel broken and terrified. Safe homes provide a secure place for children to work through past trauma, build meaningful relationships with others and start to dream for their future.

We are helping Ally fund the construction of a new safe house in Nepal to give women and girl sex trafficking survivors a safe place to heal. This construction is greater than a mere structure—it’s about building a new beginning for women. It’s about creating a legacy and rewriting history. Our team is working on establishing an annual Move for Freedom fundraising event, in which we will gather in person, once a year, to move our bodies and help raise funds for Ally.

Wild Women Expeditions also supports NightLight International, a social enterprise based in Bangkok. NightLight builds trusting relationships with women in the sex industry, offering dignifying alternatives and employment opportunities and helpful resources. Their programs provide assistance and intervention to both national and international victims. We are helping fund their shelter for women affected by trafficking and the sex industry in Thailand. We hope that you’ll join us and consider contributing to help women and girls escape sex slavery.

You can read more about NightLight International’s initiatives in Thailand for intervention, personal development and dignified employment opportunities here. For additional information on the healing and educational work of Ally with survivors in Nepal and Cambodia, click here

This is a cause we want to stand behind and continue to shine a bright light on. We hope that you will join us in supporting Ally Global Foundation and Nightlight International because together, we’ll have a bigger and better impact.

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