A Taste of Wild Women Expeditions Sweet Desert Menu

By Jules Torti | September 7, 2022

If we played a quick word association game, we’d say “desert” and you would blurt out: Sand! Scorpions! Camels! Sahara! Lawrence of Arabia. Sade! Cue up “I miss you like the desert miss the rain.”

You probably wouldn’t say “ANTARCTICA!” but, it’s true. Antarctica is considered a desert–the largest one in the world actually. With less than 50mm of rain, the continent is a shoo-in for a cold desert status.

Wild Women Expeditions offers three transformative desert destinations: Morocco, Jordan and Antarctica. Yes, they are polar opposites! Let’s unfold the experiences here…


Mosaic of Wild Morocco

When you think of the Sahara, you probably don’t associate pizza either but after visiting the dunes in Merzouga, you’ll have a big taste of the desert landscape and the local specialty: Berber pizza. It will blow your traditional pizza-lovin’ mind! Later in the day, when the sun begins to set (around 5pm) and the desert heat begins to lift with nightfall, meet your doe-eyed camel who will give you a lift to our secluded luxury camp in the dunes! There will be an impressive desert feast, a snap cracklin’ campfire and live drumming by local musicians. Don’t forget the rock stars above–the Saharan night sky is overwhelming!


Journey Into Jordan

Watch the sunrise from the best seat in the house–on a camel’s back! Known as the “ships of the desert”, watching the desert wake up in the gentle sway of a camel’s walk is a treasured moment. Then, jump in a Jeep for a 4-hour ride across the otherworldly “Valley of the Moon”–Wadi Rum! Climb sand dunes, poke around Bedouin caves and marvel at 12,000-year-old hieroglyphs. Later–local Bedouin women will introduce you to the ancient art of henna and the 100% natural Arabic eyeliner, Kohl (and how to apply it just right!). Move over Covergirl! You’ll be star-struck here too. Lastly, stand on the lowest point on Earth: the Dead Sea. We like to call it the Grateful Dead experience. Soak, float and then ooh and ahh over an authentic purifying mud and salt scrub.



This desert is obviously of the more frozen variety but our small ship expeditions all depart from the buzzy most southerly city in the world—Ushuaia. It’s the capital of Tierra del Fuego or “Land of Fire” which makes it sound a little more desert-like. You won’t find the usual desert suspects but reasonable (well, not really) facsimiles in the treeless landscape include the albatross, elephant seals and icebergs. In South Georgia (dubbed the  “Galapagos of the South”), 30 million breeding birds, thousands of seals, (introduced) Norwegian reindeer, four breeding species of penguin and the largest colony of king penguins on the planet live in odd harmony, on the ice-capped desert of the 7th continent.


Want to learn more about Berber pizza in Morocco? Join WWE’s Program and Operations director on a virtual camel and pizza tour here.

Ready to experience the desert for yourself? Which one will you choose? Or is it really just a matter of when to visit all three? Our in-house Adventure Experts are eager to help you find your perfect desert experience! Contact Sonya or Julie-Anne today at adventure@wildwomenexpeditions.com or call 1 (888) 993-1222!