Are You Single? Let Wild Women Woo You!

By Jules Torti | April 28, 2022

We don’t want to single you out, but…if you answer yes to one of these questions, you’re probably a Wild Woman in the making. Take our one-minute pop quiz for instant results!

  1. Have you always dreamed of seeing orangutans in Borneo but none of your friends have the time, money or vacation time to join you?
  2. Are you recently divorced and ready to start writing your awesome new story on a blank page that starts in Iceland?
  3. Did you lose your job during the pandemic and feel out of sorts about what to do next?
  4. Are you happily married but your husband or wife has zero interest in travel?
  5. Are you recently widowed and a little unsure about walking the Camino on your own?
  6. Are you retired but your partner is still working and unable to tag along?
  7. Are you single? Dating?
  8. Lesbian?
  9. Trans?
  10. Plus-sized?
  11. A burnt-out caregiver?
  12. Restless?
  13. 80-years-old?
  14. Having a midlife crisis? 
  15. Stalling?

Then it’s settled. You’re in! Or out–and that’s cool too. Here’s what sets us apart: We don’t charge a single supplement fee on our trips because the majority of women who travel with us are signing up as singles. Because their husbands don’t dream of Morocco. Because their sister-in-law burned up her holidays at a Cuban all-inclusive. Because their BFF can’t afford to go on a 20-day Antarctica trip. Because their colleagues think Machu Picchu is just too tough. Maybe you’re feeling doubtful. Are you fit enough for Machu Picchu? What if you’re the slowest one in the group? What if your wonky knee gives up on you and you were too macho for Machu? What if you’ve never snorkeled before? 

Maybe you’ve been on a trip with another group travel company and felt like a clunky third wheel to all the married couples. On Wild Women trips, you’ll share accommodations (not a bed!) with another woman–unless you request a private upgrade. Private upgrades are an additional fee but if you are prone to snoring or prone to not sleeping if you’re sleeping in the same room as someone who is snoring, it’s peace of mind. You’ll have the best of both worlds: your independence + quietude AND a smiling, welcoming group for laughs and company throughout the day!

Our trips are designed for all skill levels and we definitely have Wild at Heart itineraries in Croatia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan and the Galapagos (among others!). When we say “wild” we’re referring to the spirit that is the foundation of all of our trips. This doesn’t mean you can’t go skinny dipping and it also doesn’t mean that you have to stop wearing deodorant and bang on a drum at the full moon. But, you’re welcome to do that as well. We have in-house Adventure Specialists like Kate who is the best matchmaker going! (Disclaimer: these two women are not on a date arranged by our matchmaker Kate, they’re simply having the time of their lives on a WWE trip!)

Solo or Single Travel: What’s the Difference?

These two are often used interchangeably but here’s the lowdown.

Solo travel is an independent journey. Your day is personally designed  to meet your own whims and needs. There is no schedule or fixed itinerary. You choose everything–where you sleep, where to stop for a bubble tea and when to sketch the prayer flags snapping in the wind. Solo travellers are attracted to the freedom, challenge and carefree whimsy that isn’t influenced by anyone else.

Single travel means you’re flexing your autonomy and are single(but this isn’t a reference to your relationship status). You are like a party of one joining a party of 12. You’ve signed up for a trip on your own, but with the intention of traveling with a cool group and hopefully, finding a few new BFFs. Single travellers are drawn to the comfort of knowing that they’ll be in the company of like-minded people. There are no awkward candlelit dinners alone in the Italian Riviera. You’re not stuck in a tandem kayak on your own. Each day has a set itinerary, structure, shared meals and built-in camaraderie with up to a dozen women. There’s cheerleading if you need it. There’s van support if your hip is not feeling as hip as you are. You don’t have to figure out logistics or pesky details like where to rent a bike or what you should pack for a horse trip in India or Peru or Iceland.

Beyoncé beat us to the lyrics but…this is the Wild Women soundtrack!

All the single ladies, all the single ladies

All the single ladies, all the single ladies

Why Group Travel is Like Summer Camp

Remember that first anxious day? Will they like me? What if I’m the oldest? Biggest? Why did I get a cold sore NOW?

The hidden beauty found in summer camp and group travel is that everyone is landing in the exact same unfamiliar place. There’s an absence of routine, obligations and comforts. You’re all in the same boat! (*Unless it’s a kayak, and you can only fit two women in a tandem kayak). There’s kismet in the connections. Did you know that some Wild Women have met their travelling partners on our trips? En route to Mongolia, two Wild Women met at the Vancouver Airport and now travel happily ever after together–with Wild Women!

So, single file, ladies! It’s time to line-up and make those dream destinations come true. Whether you are a Mrs., Ms. or ‘x’. We’ll take care of you whether you have IBS, PMS, a thing for Rolos or a big case of YOLO. If you’re concerned because you have Crohn’s or adhere to a strict vegan diet or have never kayaked before or don’t know what a Camelbak is…we’ve got your back and backpack. And Camelbak info.

This will be the single most important decision you make! Please, come for a walk on the Wild side! Here’s what the single gals are saying on Facebook…

“I’m so grateful to Wild Women for providing me with such wonderful adventure opportunities and super cool women to share them with!!!! No more waiting and hoping to find a travel Buddy! You’ve got me covered!!!!” ~Kathy

“I’m off to Peru again in June to do the Sacred Valley Ride with Kyd Campbell! This will be my 6th trip with WW and I’ve booked my 7th trip for next March on the Argentina horse trip! I’m a solo traveller but I met my travelling partner through WW on my way to Mongolia in 2019 at the Vancouver Airport! You really do meet your best friends on these trips! We travelled to Peru together last November plus I visit Katharine at her place on her Island at least once a year.” ~ Karen

“I have a significant other, a farmer-can’t get him too far from the farm. Not going to let that keep me from traveling. I’m taking my first WW trip this summer—hope it’s the first of many while he stays home with the cows!”~Debbie

“I’m 47 and divorced. But regardless whether I had a boyfriend, husband, or was single, my travel destinations and activities did not always align with others. I haven’t let that stop me and either travel solo or with groups.” ~Emile 

“I’m single. Recently freed from a stifling long term marriage and so excited to find what I hope will be a place for me. Taking my first WWE to Iceland in July. But I want all the adventures. The world is out there and I have missed exploring it.” ~Nancy