Earth Day, Protecting the Elephants In Thailand

Earth Day: A Reason For Hope

By Candice Bartlett | April 21, 2020


People all over the world will be adding their voices to support the environment on Earth Day. Our planet is a reason for hope.

We want to help protect the habitats that are connected and reliant on each other, and the wildlife that call the ecosystems home- finding comfort in the deserts, rainforests, and grasslands. That’s why Wild Women Expeditions strive to embody sustainable tourism with a focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and wildlife protection. Kindness is at the heart of our operations.


We believe it’s our responsibility to conserve where we can, to try and make a positive contribution to the amazing places that host our adventures. By contributing to conservation efforts, social programs, and operating responsibly in the countries we visit, we hope to demonstrate our dedication and commitment to leaving our destinations in better shape than when we got there.

We are animal and nature lovers at our core and are doing our part to protect wildlife. Sustainable tourism can provide a strong economic incentive for wildlife conservation by helping locals at a community level combat wildlife trafficking instead of contributing to the problem. The economic benefits that wildlife and sustainable tourism bring to communities allow for sustainable livelihood options and encourage locals to protect the wildlife populations, even in the face of corruption and crimes against wildlife.

We are passionate about the positive role we can play in protecting wild animals and thank you for supporting this work. Together with our community, we are donating all of the proceeds from Wild Women Magazine to conservation organizations and to protect wildlife.



Forever Wild, Jane Goodall

This Earth Day, we are excited to be partnering with the Jane Goodall Institute in support of the Forever Wild (#4EverWild) campaign. We are team Jane! We believe in the work the Jane Goodall Institute is doing to protect wildlife.

The Jane Goodall Institute launched the #4EverWild campaign to call attention to the crisis that threatens wildlife and works to end wildlife trafficking. Every year, thousands of animals are illegally taken from the wild to be sold live or for their parts on the black market. Around the world, wildlife trafficking threatens the survival of our animals.


“United We Are A Powerful Force For Change.” ~ Jane Goodall





Thailand’s Gentle Giants

On our Elephants, Treks and Temples Tour we get to hang out with the Asian elephants in the jungle and a rescue sanctuary. These gentle giants have stolen our hearts. We support an elephant project run by the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand, which works to protect elephants that were once abused in exploitive riding camps. We support the campaign put forth by the Asian Captive Elephant Working Group– a leading coalition of elephant experts and conservationists. We were proud to help fund the very first elephant hospital in Thailand.


We also support The Chai Lai Orchid who prioritizes social transformation over profit and believes in protecting the environment, community, and elephants. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there is no tourism to provide the elephant caretakers with money to supply food for elephants (who eat 200 kilos in a single day). They need our support right now. Read more about this issue in the New York Times.

The best solution for elephant care in Thailand is to promote ethical, sustainable tourism to protect this endangered species.






India’s Badass Bengals

No, this isn’t an episode of Tiger King. We bow to these icons of beauty and power. The tiger population in India is bouncing back! India’s tiger population has increased by 33% since 2014. There are now around 3,000 Bengal tigers in the wild in India thanks to conservation efforts and stricter wildlife policies. Ecotourism is critical to help sustain the endangered tiger population in India. Through tourism, we engage local villagers and policymakers to protect the habitat for tigers to roam wild and free.


Wild Women Expeditions is a member of the Travel Operators for Tigers a collective campaign and global alliance working to help sustain wild landscapes for tigers. We help fund a community-based program to engage villagers as guardians of the tiger reserves in India. When we benefit local communities through tourism, local people are empowered to be part of the solution to protect tigers.

We explore the Satpura Tiger Reserve on our Jungles and Jewels Adventure in India. We also stay in the Kanha lodge established by the founder of Project Tiger, which was the driving force of tiger conservation in the country.







On Earth Day and every day, let’s work to protect our wild species and spaces. Join us in supporting conservation organizations. Help protect the wildlife that call the ecosystems home.