Photo of Kate Wannan.

Kate Wannan

Adventure Specialist & Guide
Specialty: South America & Canada

“These are the moments that make me feel alive, make me feel wild, and make me feel like the women I was born to be.”

Photo of Holly Adams.

Holly Adams

Specialty: New Zealand

Holly’s a kiwi girl, born and bred in Christchurch – the gateway city to New Zealand’s South Island.

Photo of Claire Hesselin.

Claire Hesselin

Specialty: New Zealand

Favourite quote: “I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship” – Louise May Alcott

Photo of Disnarda Aragon Choque.

Disnarda Aragon Choque

Specialty: Peru/ Hiking

A native of Cuzco, she is immensely proud of her Inca cultural heritage.

Photo of Jenny Martindale.

Jenny Martindale

Adventure Specialist & Guide
Specialty: Ontario/ Canoeing

“I would not be who I am today without Wild Women Expeditions. The opportunities that I have been given as a guide and manager at WWE have allowed me to grow professionally and have kept me thriving with doses of the fuel I benefit from most – wild fresh air and the experience of the canoe trip.”

Photo of Katie Broadhurst.

Katie Broadhurst

Adventure Specialist & Guide
Specialty: Newfoundland/ Hiking/ Sea Kayaking

“To me, being a ‘wild women’ means breaking away from traditional stereotypes and moving toward living our dreams.”

Photo of Cline Owen.

Cline Owen

Specialty: Horseback Riding/ Yoga / whitewater canoeing

“Being a wild woman is an honor. I am constantly impressed with the strength, courage and sense of adventure of every wild woman that I meet. Being part of WWE is like being part of a large sisterhood.”

Photo of Kate Ming-Sun.

Kate Ming-Sun

Specialty: Northern Ontario / Canoeing / Hiking / Sea Kayaking

“I guided with Wild Women last summer and I love watching the transformation women undergo after a few days on the water. Looking forward to canoeing with you this summer!”

Photo of Alice Will.

Alice Will

Adventure Specialist & Guide
Specialty: Newfoundland / Yoga/ Hiking Trips

“To me, being a Wild Woman means consistently choosing to grow by opening the mind, and living to learn; letting go of inhibitions and tackling fears!”

Photo of Jennifer Holub.

Jennifer Holub

Specialty: Guiding canoe trips in Northern Ontario

“Leading women’s only trips provides an environment where women can “be” in the wilderness together and cooperatively enjoy a sense of belonging there.”

Photo of Kielyn Marrone.

Kielyn Marrone

Specialty: Northern Ontario/ Canoeing/ Sea Kayaking/ Winter Camping

“Being apart of the Wild Women team allows me to remind myself of my feminine spirit and take hold of all of the things I love most about being a woman.”

Photo of Laurel Archer.

Laurel Archer

Specialty: Sea Kayaking – Everywhere!

“I see women freeing themselves of their fears and cares, stroke by stroke flying over sea-green waves, challenging themselves physically with great joy and learning about the ocean environment tide pool by tide pool.”

Photo of Sarah Calvert.

Sarah Calvert

Specialty: Peru/ Yoga/ Hiking/ Retreats

“For me, to be a wild woman, really just means living our true essence. We as women are bold, beautiful, courageous and creative and need to be free to dream, speak, and live our truths.”

Photo of Ann Hettinger.

Ann Hettinger

Specialty: Kauai, Hawaii/Stand-Up Paddling/ Outrigger Canoeing

“I truly believe that it is never too late to change your life, and personal growth and happiness are achieved by living each day moment by moment and truly appreciating all that life has to offer.”

Photo of Dympna Hayes.

Dympna Hayes

Specialty: Ontario/ Sea Kayaking/ Yoga

Dympna has the motivational manner and patient persistence needed to move paddlers up in their skills in a fun and playful way.

Photo of Georgia MacMillan.

Georgia MacMillan

Specialty: Ireland

I am passionate about the outdoors and love introducing people to the Irish hills. My particular favourites are the wilds of Mayo where I have family roots.

Photo of Heather Stewart.

Heather Stewart

Specialty: Ontario/ Sea Kayaking/ Yoga

Heather has paddling since she was tall enough to hold a paddle and go out with her Grandad in his canoe.

Photo of Gail Shields.

Gail Shields

Specialty: Whitewater Canoeing

“The bonding of the group as we meet the challenges along the way and share the beauty of our environment ; that’s what keeps me coming back.”

Photo of Jenifer Rudski.

Jenifer Rudski

Specialty: SUP Yoga

Paddle boarding’s balancing connection to body, breath and water compliments Jenifer’s Yoga roots and she looks forward to sharing paddles and sun-salutations with WWE this summer.

Photo of Zoe Newsam.

Zoe Newsam

Specialty: Scotland/ Hiking

“During a varied career…the single constant has been a love for the outdoors and for exploration. I’ve always returned to Scotland…where there is still a lifetime of exploring to do.”

Photo of Patty Corrales.

Patty Corrales

Specialty: Baja/ Sea Kayaking

Her passion is the ocean but her love and knowledge of flora and fauna means that during our island hikes she really enjoys identifying the desert plants, birds and mammals many of which are endemic to the islands.

Photo of Cathriona (Cait) Goaley.

Cathriona (Cait) Goaley

Specialty: Ireland/Horseback Riding

Born and raised in Connemara, Cait will help you to get to know the real Ireland – meadows, beaches, pirate history and more!

Photo of Ilaria Pontonio.

Ilaria Pontonio

Specialty: Italy/ Cycling/ Hiking

“My life is as fast-paced as a train speeding down the tracks. Jump on, buckle up and hold on tight! Life is to be discovered.”

Photo of Veronique (Nici) Van Hoorick.

Veronique (Nici) Van Hoorick

Specialty: Thailand/Bali Adventures

The heart of Nici’s photographic work embraces the integration of ancient traditions with contemporary culture, of the past meeting the present.

Photo of Cat De Schaepmeester.

Cat De Schaepmeester

Specialty: Thailand/Bali Adventures

Cat knows all the sweet spots and will enrich your experience with her local knowledge.

Photo of Patrizia Guasti.

Patrizia Guasti

Specialty: Italy/Sea Kayaking

Since she discovered sea kayaking, she realized it has always been in her soul…

Photo of Kate Hives.

Kate Hives

Specialty: BC/ Sea Kayaking

With a quirky and often infectious personality, Kate has been moulded by the unpredictable nature of the ocean, in all the best ways possible!

Photo of Edana Long.

Edana Long

Specialty: Greece/Sailing

Apart from sailing Captain Edana spends most free moments reading about sailing, cooking, cycling, running and spending time with family.

Photo of Sarah Hauser.

Sarah Hauser

Specialty: Sea Kayaking/Haida Gwaii

Sarah loves adventuring in the outdoors whether in her kayak, hiking, or skiing.

Photo of Silke Hockemeyer.

Silke Hockemeyer

Specialty: Sea Kayaking/Haida Gwaii

Photography, studying natural history, and almost anything to do with the outdoors are some of her favourite past times. When she’s not on the ocean you can find her on one of many mountains.

Photo of Kyra Dahlke.

Kyra Dahlke

Specialty: Art/ Algonquin Park

Kyra Dahlke owner of Kiki LaRuse Gallery in Orillia Ontario has been a professional artist for over thirty years. Currently, she teaches expressive art classes to a variety of ages within Canada, and her commissioned work hangs on walls throughout the world.

Photo of Amy Benskin.

Amy Benskin

Specialty: Sea kayaking/BC

Education is a true passion for Amy, and represents one of her greatest strengths as a Guide. Whether it be chart navigation, fire-building, or bird identification, Amy is always happy to share skills and knowledge with her guests; her kind demeanor makes her very easy to chat with.

Photo of Yassmin Fekry.

Yassmin Fekry

Specialty: Egypt

“I am so happy and proud of myself for being able to fulfill my childhood dream [of being a tour guide].”

Photo of Leah Blok.

Leah Blok

Specialty: Sea Kayaking/BC and Baja

Leah adores sharing her passion for paddling and whales with paddlers of all skill levels.

Photo of Valerie Weingrad.

Valerie Weingrad

Specialty: Greece/ Sailing

Born into a boating family, she has been on the water, in one form or another, her entire life.

Photo of Leah Chandler.

Leah Chandler

Specialty: British Columbia / Sea Kayaking