Photo of Caroline Moorey.

Caroline Moorey

Caroline’s passion for the Marwari horse and Rajasthan is infectious, as is her enthusiasm, and her aim for others to experience and enjoy the uniqueness of a breed that has given her so many wonderful experiences. Caroline has worked to promote the Marwari horse by organizing private safari groups all over Rajasthan for the last 15 years.  

She is the founder and chair of ‘Friends of Marwari / Kathiawari Horse UK’, (the UK chapter of the Indigenous Horse Society of India), and has also led the promotion of the horse Bit Donation Scheme to bring about change in the use of the ‘thorn bit’ still found regularly in use throughout parts of rural India today. 

Caroline has also convened teams from the UK for competitions within India, as well as educational training camps to prove the breeds stamina and versatility.

Caroline has kept horses at home in the UK for over 30 years and has successfully competed in most equestrian disciplines. She regularly judges and is very much an active member of the British Riding Club movement, being vice-chair and joint official steward of Area 11 (Surrey), and founder committee member of her local club since 1985.