Photo of Duya (Dulamsuren).

Duya (Dulamsuren)

Duya is a woman of the Gobi, well respected and known in her community. 

She is active in tourism in Mongolia as a local guide and opens her home as a guesthouse, assisting in preparing and running camel treks.

Duya looks back on a long career. Specializing as a camel herder in the socialist times, Duya also worked as a technician at the local outpost of the Agricultural University in South Gobi province. Duya also began working with a long term conservation and development program in the Gobi as a community organizer, supporting social organization of local families and their activities in pasture management, nature conservation and livelihood diversification. 

She continues to work as a consultant for projects throughout Mongolia to share her experience in organizing rural communities. Duya is also a very active gardener and manages to supplement her income with the sale of vegetables and preserves. She lives in a district that is known for its permanent spring and vegetable gardens.