Photo of Janine Whyte.

Janine Whyte

“Riding a Marwari horse is akin to floating on air, smooth, sweeping movements make you feel as if you are soaring without wings, the horse’s legs barely skimming the ground beneath their hooves, gliding gracefully like that of the mythical Pegasus” 

Janine was bitten by the travel bug in 2007 while backpacking around the world on a year-long sabbatical from work. In 2009 she stumbled across the world of equitourism and discovered that she could combine her two greatest passions in life, horses and travel. By guiding rides she wanted to show people that there is more than one way to live your life and that it’s okay if you don’t follow the status quo!

 Janine works to travel, feeling most alive when sat in the saddle exploring the world via horseback, and is enthralled by Mother India. Marwari horses were historically known as Wind Horses.