Photo of Lara Simon.

Lara Simon

Lara grew up in Germany and spent most of her childhood on horseback. From an early age, she developed a longing to immerse herself into different landscapes, cultures and languages and has travelled her way around the globe. Arriving in Argentina she found a home in the warmth and hospitality of the Argentines. Working at Ranquilco since 2016, Lara has formed a strong bond with the landscape, the horses and the people. The opportunity to learn something new every day from horses and humans is what makes her come back to the ranch year after year.


Lara is fluent in four languages! She delights in forming a linguistic bridge between guests and locals. Lara finds purpose and freedom in the vastness of the Argentine steppe and Andes, which she loves exploring on horseback, foot and bicycle. She enjoys encouraging and supporting women to find their wildness in the outdoors and thrive on the challenges nature presents.

When she’s not guiding at Ranquilco, Lara works as a travelling artist around South America. She also leads multi-day trail rides in the Welsh Mountains.


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