Photo of Sylvana Manterola.

Sylvana Manterola

Sylvana came to Ranquilco for the first time at the age of seven and thinks of Ranquilco as her paradise in the world. As a longstanding member of the Ranquilco community, she spreads her magic powers of joyfulness and anecdotes of life to each person who visits the place. Sylvana provides an invaluable insight into Argentine and gaucho culture and knows many of the local gauchos who work in the Cordillera.


The rest of the year she works as a vet and agricultural technician, performing animal husbandry. She is also an ecologist and enjoys working in reforestation doing staff management and advising on an educational farm. She also works with Mapuche communities. Sylvana says, “I am part of the family that lives with emotion each summer, riding in the beautiful mountains of Patagonia. I have plenty of experience taming bulls and horses – a magnificent therapy. I recommend coming to Ranquilco if you are looking for a place to relax your mind- this is the ideal and perfect place.”


Patagonian Cordillera Riding Adventure