Happy International Women’s Day

By Jennifer Haddow | March 8, 2022

Don’t doubt that sharing your story matters.

Over the past 30 years of running Wild Women Expeditions, we’ve shared countless stories of women who are changing the world, starting with empowering themselves.

We have been so inspired by the awesome women who join our trips around the world and the welcoming women who host us in their homes, that we decided to create a magazine to celebrate their stories. We were honoured that the legendary Dr. Jane Goodall graced our cover. Her story of adventure in Africa to live her dream to study chimpanzees has inspired so many girls to seek their own connection with the wild, protect animals and be advocates for conservation. Dr. Jane told me that hope keeps her going, to travel and do her work to inspire change.

Stories of hope change us all.

Now, we feel called to serve by amplifying hopeful and heartwarming stories of the adventures of wild women on a new platform, launching The Adventures of Wild Women podcast.


Acclaimed social scientist Brené Brown writes that “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” I agree, and also think that celebrating each other’s stories, especially those that are different from our own comfortable narratives, is an act of courage.

It is brave to hold an open mind and heart, to receive a story that will challenge your assumptions.

This is our goal with this podcast and in all of our work in Wild Women Expeditions. To grow in our stories of what is possible when we forge ahead across the rough waters. To see our strongest selves illuminated in those stories of climbing the mountain that once seemed insurmountable. To rise together by breaking out of the roles that society would shackle us in.

Stories of women’s power embolden us. In my travels with wild women around the world, I have been enveloped in a tapestry of stories that comfort me now, in these uncertain times.

I smile with the memory of Neeru, the sweet woman with a face disfigured by scars from an acid attack, who I met in India at Sheroes, a community project for survivors. Her story speaks to me of the beauty that comes from resilience.

I think of the story of Hafida, the first woman to be certified as a mountain guide in Morocco. Against opposition from her father and many cultural barriers to being accepted as an outdoor guide, she pushed forward to live her dream and is now a lead guide on our Wild Women Morocco adventure tour.



I marvel at the story of the women porters of Peru, who are breaking through the barriers to gain employment on the Inca Trail, in a competitive tourist industry long marked by male leadership. On our Wild Women Inca trail treks, we work with these strong, determined women who support our efforts to reach Machu Picchu by walking on this ancient trail.



For over 30 years, we have been bringing together small groups of women on our Wild Women adventures, challenging ourselves in hiking, kayaking, sailing, horse riding and cycling all over the world. For all the women who have not yet been able to travel with us, we want to bring you along vicariously in these journeys and share the stories we are so privileged to collect along the way.

Join us on The Adventures of Wild Women and listen to the words and the wisdom of the wild, echoing in the voices of these amazing women. May it challenge and change you, too.