Introducing Caroline Owen, Wild Women Expeditions In-House Horse Expert!

By Jules Torti | March 1, 2022
The name “Cline” is nearly synonymous with Wild Women Expeditions. Caroline Owen, more affectionately and famously known as Cline, has guided countless trips for more than two decades with WWE. She is our in-house horse expert and a true polymath. She jumps seamlessly from the saddle to a downward dog as a yoga therapist and teacher trainer at Wavelengths Yoga. She’s also a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach, Vedic Chant teacher and impromptu fireside blues singer. If you ever wondered what English Lit grads do with their degree, Cline is proof of the many unexpected opportunities. Most recently, Cline was swimming with sea lions in Baja, but you’ll recognize her best in her natural, adopted habitat–Iceland. If she were to appear on Jeopardy!, the Golden Circle and Hekla would be her $10,000 category.
Now, let’s properly recline with Cline…

Who is Cline?

I grew up in a canoe, camping and cottaging in the Kawarthas and Muskoka region of Ontario from as early as I can remember. My brother had a horse and was a competitive rider, so I was pretty much around water and horses from birth. I joined the Wild Women family in 2000 on the inaugural French River whitewater canoe trip. I was a new guide and loved the atmosphere on the trip and wanted more. I’ve guided, hosted and participated in whitewater canoe trips, horseback riding adventures and yoga retreats with Wild Women Expeditions now for over 20 years. I also support women through my pleasure and intimacy coaching practice and online yoga programs.

Barbara Walters famously asked, “And what tree would you be?” More importantly, what horse would you be, Cline?

What kind of horse would I be?  I’d definitely be a mare, not that I’m often “mare-ish,” but I have my moments! I’m not as uppity as an Arab, nor as laidback as a Clydesdale. I’m not as fast as a Thoroughbred, nor do I have any trouble keeping on weight with a bit of grain! Icelandics are sweet and cuddly, but they’re all pretty small. I’d love to claim my stately warmblood heritage, as I canter perfect circles around you. But, at the end of the day, I’d say I’m more like the old reliable quarter horse that you can put anyone on and I’ll adjust my behavior based on their ability. I’m game for whatever terrain or activity is on offer, and ready to gallop or walk depending on the rider and conditions. But…if you pull on my mouth or keep kicking my sides, you might get a head toss or some pinned ears!

When you were a starry-eyed kid, what place did you dream of traveling to?

As a kid, I dreamed of travelling to India and other exotic places. Now that I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the south of India, I’m keen to explore the north. I’m also attracted to cold, remote places like Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland and Northern Canada. I love the quiet and solitude there, in contrast to the sensual delights of Asia and Europe.

What WWE trip is on your dream list?

There are really too many to choose from. The Magic of Marwar Horse Tour in Northern India stands out, as well as any of the Antarctica trips. Other runners up: Morocco, Egypt, Croatia, Patagonia…I could go on!

You are often photographed with a guitar in your lap. What’s your favourite campfire song to belt out?

Campfire song? Anything that most people can sing along with. I have about 250 songs on my iPad to choose from! On almost every trip, I co-write a version of “Wild Women Blues” with the group. I come up with a chorus specific to the activity we’re doing and invite others to make up verses. As we encounter challenges on the trip, it’s great fodder for songwriting! My rule: Have fun with it! It doesn’t have to rhyme, make sense to anyone else, or sound good when you belt it out.
If you’d like to chat with Cline about a particular Wild Women horse trip, she is one of our steely Adventure Specialists and can help you determine what itinerary is the perfect one for you to confidently experience! Send your questions to