It’s Jane Goodall’s 88th Birthday and We’re Over the Moon!

By Jules Torti | March 24, 2022

In July 1960, Jane Goodall first stepped into the marvel of what is now Gombe Stream National Park in western Tanzania. During her groundbreaking study on chimpanzees, observed David Greybeard and Goliath using tools to enjoy a more efficient termite picnic years before Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Apollo 11 and on to the moon in 1969. Her ‘resume’ glows as radiant as the birthday candles celebrating her 88 years of admirable life. We are so glad Jane chose Tanzania over the moon and we know primates everywhere are too.

With permission from The Jane Goodall Institute/Hugo Van Lawick

With permission from The Jane Goodall Institute/Hugo Van Lawick

Each of us has a coveted filament of connection to Dr. Jane Goodall. For some, the brave image of her on a 1963 National Geographic cover triggered our first magnetic pull to see Africa. Maybe you were in a spellbound university lecture hall audience and heard Dr. Jane fill the hushed space with an exuberant pant-hoot, learned from conversations with her closest chimp allies. Perhaps you have been an attentive student in her first ever online Masterclass or volunteered with a local Jane Goodall Institute Roots & Shoots initiative in your community. 

In the shadow of Jane

I hope you’ve read at least one of her countless books! That seems mandatory at this point! From the 1971 classic In the Shadow of Man to her 2021 release–the playful Pangolina, a fictional tale about the plight of the pangolin, Jane’s words are a force. Her latest work, The Book of Hope, is an encouraging, optimistic survival guide for trying times. You can even join Dame Jane for a virtual storytime each week as she shares some of her favourite books for children during Storytime with Jane

I know we all have 24 hours in our day but doesn’t it seem like Jane is working overtime? Her accolades are endless–every decade of her life has been full throttle and her non-stop efforts to integrate conservation education into schools and communities is unswervable. 

Dr. Jane and Wild Women Expeditions Director Jennifer Haddow

Dr. Jane and Wild Women Expeditions Director Jennifer Haddow

Here at Wild Women Expeditions, we are big fans of all things Jane–she didn’t reach for the moon–she went well beyond, to the stars. She’s our shining star and as a small but giant thank you, we are donating a transformative 10-day safari in Jane’s beloved Tanzania to the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada’s Silent Auction in honour of her 88th birthday.

Wild Women trips are designed with environmental sensitivity at the forefront. There’s a vital community link in our trip planning that ensures local women are employed and empowered as guides or supported as artisans. On our Tanzania Trek and Safari, our guests spend two remarkable nights at Dunia Camp–the only safari camp in all of Africa run exclusively by women!

Our shooting star wish

Like Jane, we believe that it’s critical to motivate young minds, inspire thoughtful travel and generate respect for fragile ecosystems. Wild Women trips have high impact on the soul but low impact on the earth. Encouraging women to visit biodiverse destinations like Tanzania helps us help Jane in sharing her message. She has always challenged us to rethink our relationship with animals and the wild. Jane’s determination is a reminder that every individual can make an enormous difference. 

Her research in Gombe was the rock solid foundation for a greater, global awareness. As the greatest chimpanzee ambassador who will stride this earth, Dr. Jane has inspired us all to be better. A united effort and the power of community will enable change and an everlasting birthday gift to our honorary Wild Woman. 

The JGIC Silent Auction opens Friday, March 25th and closes Saturday, April 2, 2022. Get in Jane’s birthday spirit with a free digital download of Wild Women Expeditions limited edition magazine. Jane was our cover girl!

It’s a cakewalk!

Be sure to join Dr. Jane and special surprise guests for an intimate conversation to celebrate her upcoming birthday and the launch of the auction. Tune into the livestream on March 27th at 1pm EST/10am PST on Facebook and YouTube Live

Image credit: Katherine Holland

Image credit: Katherine Holland

Here are two ways to get your pant-hoot on:

  1. Join the live Facebook party on the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada page.
  2. Visit JGI’s YouTube channel and click the livestream. Be sure to RSVP to the event!

Happy birthday, Jane. We love you and all that you embody and inspire in our community.

Image credit: Katherine Holland

Image credit: Katherine Holland

Fun fact: a group of chimpanzees is called a community. Yes, we are all connected! Thank you for joining us in our celebration of Jane at the Silent Auction and CHIMP in!