Let’s Get Some Latitude!

By Jules Torti | November 2, 2021

It’s a common thread (once you remove the knots). We’re all anxious to get out there and complain about airplane food again, aren’t we? Actually, on a recent British Airways flight from Dubrovnik, the baked lemon thyme chicken and chickpea salad with marinated tomatoes and basil was rather impressive. And a salted caramel brownie pudding for dessert? Wow. Yes, like you, I’ve been travel-starved!

Wild Women have actually been spotted all over the map in the last few months. They’ve been walking the Camino de Santiago and recently climbed Machu Picchu. They’ve been sailing in Croatia; on horseback in the Azores and Iceland and in the company of polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba! In 2022, Wild Women Expeditions has more than 165 scheduled trips ready to launch! Not that we’re comparing, but…on Pink’s Beautiful Trauma World Tour (2018-2019) she performed 159 shows. That’s what Wild Women are made of. 


In a recent Leisure Group Travel post, Wild Women Expeditions energetic owner Jennifer Haddow remarked, “In 2021, we’re seeing a massive growth in interest in our women-only tours. I think that the pandemic was a wake-up call on so many levels and women are telling us they don’t want to put off those big bucket list adventure travel dreams any longer.” Our 2023 Antarctica expeditions are already sold out!

Yes, it’s time for you to get some latitude!

Booking a Wild Women Expeditions trip can help eliminate the snags of independent travel. We have a whole team behind you and expert local guides on the ground to provide peace of mind (*a better alternative than giving someone a piece of your mind!). Our Peace of Mind Booking policy means that you can change your plans easier than dinner with the in-laws or your dog’s preferred wake-up time.

Why you should be a groupie…

Travelling with a pack of women adds a guaranteed instant laugh reel to the experience. With a group, there will always be someone to take your pic, watch your bag and swap stories or socks with. You might just meet the perfect travel companion to kayak the Kornati Islands or Haida Gwaii with on your next Wild Women adventure. There’s familiarity in the jokes, a deep connection, a learning opportunity among like-minded women  and a very good chance that someone in the group will have an extra tampon!

Testing 1,2,3…

Everyone is eager to feel the electric pings of adrenalin that only travel can induce. Even though there’s the extra precaution/nuisance of PCR and RAT tests to navigate, these entry requirements are a mere blip in the EXTRAORDINARY itinerary ahead. If you haven’t had a test yet, don’t sweat it. The RAT test is a simple Q-tip-like swab of each nostril (expect 10 painless swirls per nostril). The PCR test is quicker but slightly deeper and noticeably more expensive. If you’ve ever put too much wasabi on your California roll, that’s exactly what the PCR test feels like. There is a sharp pang that feels like a hit of wasabi or horseradish, your eyes will water involuntarily and then, you’re done! Results are sent to you via email, or generally, presented to you within 15 minutes if you have had a rapid RAT test performed. During our trips, Wild Women local guides can help coordinate the necessary tests–sometimes nurses can visit the hotel or arrangements can be made at a nearby clinic for the group.

Sherpa will be your new BFF for future travel. The site is uber user-friendly (even if you don’t know a tweet from a meme or a QR from IG)–just plug in your vaccine status, country of departure and intended destination and Sherpa will tell you everything you need to know about that country’s entry requirements. 

It doesn’t have to be intense! But sometimes, it is IN TENTS…


We are planning signature tours in Jordan, Japan, Switzerland and a Costa Rica to Panama sailing adventure. Check out our 2023 Arctic expeditions and new adventure cruise from Scotland to Iceland. We’re safely going places, let’s get vertical together!

Wild Women’s flight expert Zale Geller can help get you to cruising altitude: wildwomen@traveledge.com 

Our in-house Adventure Specialist, Kate Hives, is at the ready too. She’s probably in Warrior 1 Pose. That’s how flexible she is. You can contact Kate at: adventure@wildwomenexpeditions.com

We look forward to making your dreams a real life thing! Do you feel that spark? Feed that fire! Kate (below) is Girl Guide-certified to be prepared and will make sure that you are too.