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August 8, 2023

A Guide to Our Most Popular Wild at Heart Trips

- By Jules Torti

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We get it. You’re still hip but you have a bad hip. You’re wild at heart but not wild about sleeping in a tent. You want your heart to pound wildly, but not because of exertion and elevation. While your mind wants to climb mountains, your knees have the final say and they’re saying, hell no!

That’s why Wild Women Expeditions offers a variety of itineraries designed for those of us who still want to travel but with a little more pampering and a little less legwork. Intrigued?

We’ve included snapshots for a few of our high thrill, low-impact trips to consider that include national parks, open-air museums, ancient pilgrimages and trading routes! AND, we have ebikes, camels, sailboats and “Egyptian Ferraris” at the ready to whisk you away and along the path to your dream come true.

Tanzania Giraffes

Tanzania Safari

Grab your binoculars and Buff and get ready to fall under the hypnotic spell of Tanzania from the kick of spicy curries to the flame-orange sunsets to the elegance of the giraffes that slow traffic. See the classic Big 5 (x 500) in three of Tanzania’s most beloved national parks as you travel north to the Serengeti on the heels of the wildebeest migration.

There are three hikes on this trip that are optional–you may stay behind at the fly camp and rest or join one of the guides on a shorter, slower road walk. The unpredictable terrain of the 3 to 4 hour walk across the pastureland in Nainokanoka (Maasailand) isn’t 100% friendly to weak knees and ankles. The guides will always provide detailed descriptions of these walks so you can decide whether you’d like to join. Otherwise, the nature of an African safari is that you are mostly on the move in the comfort (well, sometimes bumpy and often dusty) Land Cruiser! Expect early bird starts and long days in the vehicle BUT endless hours of incredible, unforgettable sightings at every turn.

Something to consider: There are two nights spent camping in  2-person dome tents at the fly camps. You will be provided with a sleeping bag and low cot that sits just above ground level. There is no running water at the fly camps and a portable, flushable composting toilet will be set-up by the camp crew with a privacy enclosure.

Ultimate Morocco

From Casablanca to Marrakech, this 15-day adventure is the updated, snappier version of our classic, and now retired Mosaic of Wild Morocco itinerary. We shuffled some days and added the dazzly Chefchaouen (the Blue City) into the mix (it used to be a trip extension). In the Blue City, the terracotta-tiled houses are annually washed with yet another coat of paint. The stories surrounding the favoured blue paint chip vary depending on who you ask!

If you’ve memorized lines from Casablanca, this is your opportunity to impress your fellow Wild Women as the trip begins here! There will be guided walking tours of Chefchaouen and the walled city of Volubilis, the historic medina of Meknes, the tanneries of Fes and souks. There will be a short walk through the famed cedar forest of Ifrane to see the macaque monkeys.

Note: Like the Morocco Explorer, this trip involves some longer driving days (5-6 hours) but the ride is a spectacularly scenic one! There will be stops along the way for restrooms and photo opps as you cut through fertile valleys, stands of cedar and pine and topography that move from barren to rocky.

Something to consider: There is a morning cycling tour of the palm groves of Skoura. This village is home to several privately-owned Kasbahs intelligently built with mud and straw, known as the “Route of 1,000 Kasbahs.” The ride continues through narrow city alleys, along trails and gravel roads. There will be several breaks under the shade of palm trees of the oasis and later, enjoy lunch at the museum before riding back to the hotel. You may opt to stay by the poolside at the hotel all day or ride to the museum only (and jump in a shuttle back to the hotel). There are no ebikes available on this trip.

Morocco Explorer

Morocco Explorer

This shiny new 9-day adventure allows you to travel in a full and totally mind-expanding circle on part of the Route of Caravans. From ancient Marrakech to an 11th-century earthen clay fortified city, you’ll experience the historic trade route in a little more style (and comfort) than the original salt and gold merchants did as you pass through the High Atlas mountain range, tiny Berber villages to the lush oases and date palms of the Sahara and back.

Your biggest thrill ride will be on the swaying “ships of the desert.” There will be a 30 minute camel ride to the closest dunes in Erg Chigaga to take in a very memorable Saharan sunset together. Once upon a time, this caravan route to Timbuktu took 52 days by camel from Zagora! On this trip, you’ll experience a small and pampered sample of this life by sleeping in a canvas bivouac tent in the desert.

There will be short walks through Berber villages, Marrakech markets, medinas and an optional hike to Sidi Chamharouch. This walk to the shrine is 6km (3.7 miles) one way with a 400m (1,312ft) gain and 400m (1,312) loss upon return. 

Something to consider: This trip follows a caravan route so there will be several hours spent driving. The daily distances are listed for each day on the trip itinerary. Just remember, the scenery is unreal and in the company of your Wild Women crew, it will seem like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to share stories and laughs!

Group in front of the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Ultimate Egypt

Immerse yourself in all things royal and ancient in the shadows of the Queens, goddesses and female pharaohs. You’ll see all the staples: the Giza Plateau (by camel!), the recumbent Sphinx, the Temple of Luxor and Abu Simbel! Dig deep into the archives of several museums in the  company of an Egyptologist guide and observe the fossilized evolution of whales under your feet in the “open-air museum” of Wadi El-Rayan National Park and Valley of the Whales.

Something to consider: There’s a 30-minute camel ride across the Giza Plateau to see the pyramids (don’t forget to leave an Uber review!). Be prepared for some longer driving days (4 to 5 hours) and lots of time on your feet in the sun, wandering around temples, museums, markets and cities (don’t forget your hat or umbrella for shade). The local interpretive walking tours will be slower so you can fully take in your dream destination at a relaxed pace. This ideal cruising speed remains constant on the Nile too aboard a traditional Dahabiya sailboat (four nights) and, there’s an “Egyptian Ferrari” ride too! Can’t spoil that one. 

Geisha walking with umbrella in Japan with Cherry blossoms

Sacred Japan

If you can still crank out a few miles at a slow and steady pace by channeling your inner Samurai, this mini pilgrimage involves walking 16km (10 miles) along sections of the Nakasendo Samurai Trail. This distance is split over the course of two days (8km/5 miles or 2-3 hours each day). There is another 8km day to log near Mount Daisen where the group will follow century-old footsteps along an ancient nature trail used by mountain priests and warrior monks. In the afternoon, you can sit down–on an ebike! This 3-hour mostly downhill ride involves a stop at a pottery studio and several photo ops of Mihonoseki Bay.

On the Oki Islands there’s a 4-hour ebike ride that includes activities along the way. Stops may include a visit to an organic vegetable farm, a sea cucumber farm or making traditional crafts. The group will also stop for lunch with a group of local women.

Something to consider: You should plan for lots of time on your feet walking around Kyoto, local gardens, a tea farm and temples–with adequate recuperation time over green tea!

These are just a few of our Wild at Heart options! Wild Women Expeditions also has several small ship expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic to consider–they are perennial faves (bonus: once onboard, you can totally unpack and relax. You’re there!).
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