October 6, 2023

Spreading our wings in the Sacred Valley

- By Jenny Bateman

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Sometimes I feel that my days become monotonous at home; seeing the same people, doing the same things and I’m left wondering if there shouldn’t be more to this life? Do you agree?

I’ll admit it, I do find much comfort in the security of the known and Kimberley is #agoodplacetobe but my free spirit does not feel satiated. If you’re reading this, I think I know what kind of woman you probably are. And I know that my group of ladies in Peru were just the same. We were a small but spirited group looking to explore the unknown and let our wild be free. Well, we found it. We spread our wings in the Sacred Valley and definitely found everything we were looking for and more.

I do have my worries and wonders when heading into a group of new to me women but my concerns are always put to ease within the first day. We are definitely different in many ways but share one similar passion: and that’s travel. Surprisingly a lot of people don’t have the travel bug so it is incredible to have access to this group of Wild Women where others beat to a similar drum.

Our trip started out with finding acclimation in Cuzco at the cozy boutique of Nino’s Hotel, where we sipped Muna tea to alleviate any possible altitude sickness. Never did I feel sick but I was quick to exhaust on a climb that would otherwise be fairly easy. But fear not, you don’t have to be a fitness queen to endure. I arrived a day early, rested a bit and just took my time as I strolled-never a worry.

This trip was filled with delectable dinners of which the itinerary provides details. But you still have no idea what incredible experiences you are going to have until you arrive. I will leave it at that because I want you to be as pleasantly surprised as I was, know this though, we never went to bed with hunger in our belly (bring stretchy pants).

As I mentioned Nino’s Hotel was an eclectic boutique, with incredible staff that made us feel as though we were at home. Actually this was the general feel everywhere we stayed. Some places that we laid our head were fancier than we would know at home while others were a little more rustic but quaint and very family oriented. One thing I loved about the rustic accommodation’s were the hot water bottles wrapped in fleece to bring a little extra warmth to our toes through the night (a childhood memory for me and I can’t think of anything more comforting). The families were welcoming and so kind, my Spanish is not fluent but my moments were incredibly special nonetheless.

Prior to arriving in Peru, Kyd had already determined which horse she would match us with and these decisions were not taken lightly. As soon as we gave our first scratch behind the ears and heard our Peruvian Paso’s name we were all enamoured with our trusted steed. There were a few incredible climbs with equally steep descents and never once did I question their sure footed capabilities. Meandering through the Sacred Valley, comfortably wrapped by the magnificent Andes we experienced every type of weather system possible (thankfully the snow only flurried a bit as we were leaving the valley by van) *But let that help you in what to bring in your duffle, perhaps a little something for everything.

This trip was packed with all that an adventure should be and the perfect amount of it all. From exploring the ruins on foot, riding rugged trails and passing through towns on horseback. Meeting locals and learning bits of their culture to shopping-lots of shopping in the smaller villages. *bring smaller denominations of Soles and plenty of them, even if you’re not a big shopper-there is something beautiful that will capture anyones heart.

Our guides, wranglers and lunch time helpers of Frontiers Lab went above and beyond to make our trip wonderful. And in the end there was no worries about traveling with new to me people because we’d come to know and understand whom each other was. There’s always something about everyone that is inspiring, encouraging, and positive. Isn’t that the best part of traveling? To meet new to you people? And learn about life outside of your comfort zone?

*If you’re wondering “is Peru on Horse back the trip for me?” My answer is YES! Simply because you’re dreaming of it. Kyd has a variety of Peruvian Paso’s that are suited for all riding abilities. Nelo always has an eye on everyone’s horse & saddle, quick to adjust and keep you safe. So, the only question is….Are you ready for adventure, good food, good people, good shopping and good times?

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