The Sacred Ride: A Cultural and Historical Immersion in Peru

By Cline Owen | July 20, 2022

The Sacred Ride is a Wild Women trip that goes deep into the culture of the Quechua people and the Inca history is evident in the remarkable architecture–like the Flintstone-like slabs of perfectly aligned mammoth dry fit stones. We started in the city of Cusco, the former capital of the Incan Empire. There, we explored the archeological and historical sites in and around the city, including the megalithic Saqsaywaman, which was designated  a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with Cusco city in 1983.

The following day, our next colourful cultural experience was a visit to a women’s weaving co-operative.

Our day was neatly stitched together with a demonstration by the talented women of the co-op.

Then, an authentic Pachamanca lunch, a traditional hearty meal of meats and vegetables cooked in the earth and served in clay pots.

In the meantime, we tasted our first Pisco Sour, and subsequently relaxed in the garden.

Finally, it was time to meet and mount the horses that would carry us through the mountains and Sacred Valley for the next six days.

After a breathtaking ride through the Maras Salt pools, we were greeted with a warm welcome in the village of Misminay where we spent a rustic but cozy night with local families.

From there, we made our way toward Ollantaytambo, with jaw-dropping scenery and incredible architectural sites along the way. We rode past the agricultural laboratory site at Moray, uniquely designed with three massive terraced pits, each terrace having a different climatic zone for testing, cultivating and acclimating crops.

Then, along the river and through town to get to the old fortress of Ollantaytambo.

What a surprise we had when we bumped into one of Wild Women’s famed Peruvian guides, Disnarda, suitably at the Sun temple (found at the very top of the fortress!).

Our final day, and one of the highlights of the trip, was visiting the mind-boggling Incan site, Machu Picchu.

Before we knew it, we were back in Cusco, enjoying a final evening and morning together, reminiscing of the incredible immersion into the culture and history of the ancient Sacred Valley of Peru.

If you want to get in on the action and put yourself in the frames of these very pictures, be sure to check out our Sacred Ride itinerary here. Our Adventure Experts are waiting to tell you more about this trip and what experience is necessary to saddle up with the gauchos! Connect with Sonya or Julie-Anne at now!