December 18, 2023

Postcards and Reflections from the Wild Women Expeditions Team 2023

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In celebration of this year’s big and broad travels, we leaned into the conversations that our staff were having about their 2023 Wild Women experiences. From Morocco to Mongolia, our staff traveled alongside fellow Wild Women, snorkeling in search of chocolate chip starfish, learning about the lives of women in the Karen hilltribe in Thailand and hiking the famed W Trek in Patagonia.

Perhaps you virtually followed along with us on our Facebook community page! Here’s a recap of our staff’s travel roundup and favorite adventures in 2023—it’s not too late to join us on these same trips next year!

Baja Kayaking Adventure

“I love that this trip has multiple activities—it starts with a really cool camping experience in the canyon. Soaking in the hot springs and then hiking the canyon itself—it’s a great way to start off the Wild Women experience on the right foot.

La Paz is so beautiful too—I loved the walk along the waterfront and taking in the town itself. In the national park, we kayaked to beautiful beaches and snorkeled with sea lions which is amazing.

This trip builds to a culminating experience with the gray whales which is just truly breathtaking.

Our Baja Kayaking Adventure lets you experience everything Baja has to offer!”

Jenny, Director of Program and Operations

Morocco Explorer

“This trip covers the best of southern Morocco: the city, kasbahs, the mountains, the desert. It’s a great way to see Morocco’s variety in a short period of time. The High Atlas mountains and the desert are definitely the highlights. We go to a remote area of the desert, and it’s a little more out there—it’s like we have the place to ourselves. We have some real time to explore Marrakech, which is amazing. I loved walking around the medina, the markets and being part of a very authentic cooking class at Amal Women’s Training Centre.

This trip is the best of the best. It has everything you’d desire to see and do while in Morocco.”

Megan, Director of Sales and Client Care

Northern Thailand Active Adventure

“Thailand is all about the sounds and the visual appeal. The colors are stunning—so beautiful and the people are friendly and accommodating. Everywhere you go evokes a sense of wonder. 

It’s an incredibly interesting place to go to as it has all this history that the country makes huge efforts to preserve. We learned about Thailand’s care for the Karen Tribes and how they transformed it from an opium area into an agricultural sector. Karen tribes are welcomed from different neighboring counties, all while respecting their own customs and traditions—it’s beautiful.

The ancient temples were so beautiful that I just had to sketch them! Our guides would bring us little treats to try and everywhere we went there were  interesting sights, smells and sounds. And there’s something about waking up to tinkling bells! And to soak in the sunshine instead of the cold winter back home was delicious! It was a buffet for the senses!

I recommend this adventure because I felt taken care of and nurtured while I was there and I went to places that I would have never gone to on my own. The hike up the mountain, learning about tea production and hanging out with the Karen tribes, they were so lovely and accommodating! It’s such a different experience! It has so many layers of deliciousness for you to experience.”

Kyra, Client Care Manager

Ultimate Egypt

Egypt Abu Simbel Group Jennifer Haddow

“Egypt is a special place in the world that I return to over and over again. I’ve traveled all around Egypt and have been there eight times in the last three decades!

I initially thought that the pyramids and ancient monuments would be the highlight, but it is the people, especially the women, that continue to fascinate me the most. Walking in the ancient Goddess temples, like the Temple of Hatsheput, in a group of women, led by our powerhouse Egyptian guide Yassmin, was magical. So was sitting with women villagers in their homes along the Nile, sharing hibiscus tea and laughter. 

I’ve made so many wonderful friendships with local women in my travels, and the hospitality of the Egyptian culture and generosity of spirit I’ve found there has been so heartwarming. Egypt feels like a second home and I can’t wait to go back again soon.”

Jennifer, CEO

Mongolia Horseback Riding Tour

“I loved the fact that it was so remote! We were camping with no distractions, no cell service and no wifi! The horses are incredible, friendly, very well-trained and super sure-footed.

The landscape is like nowhere else I’ve ever been – so fast and open and varied. I didn’t realize it was going to be so varied—there are forests, mountains, plains, valleys and the river all within one massive national park. This trip is really for someone who loves to ride. There are so many opportunities to canter, and really go on the horses.The saddles were so comfortable and I felt secure the whole time.

You won’t get the same level of training and tack anywhere else in Mongolia. The horses are generally not really trained, but our local partners have these horses dialed in and tuned up, and it’s just so good. Sabine makes the saddles herself! They’re western, all leather and beautifully tooled with design details all around the leather.

This trip is absolutely gorgeous, the local guides are fabulous, we visited local herder families and there are a lot of little extras in there!”

Cline, Community Engagement Manager

Patagonia Hiking Adventure

“There’s an unmatched vibe that hums in the refugios (mountain huts) among the international hikers and local porters on the W Trek. Arriving to the fireside warmth, celebration and community found in the refugios at day’s end makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger. On the trail, the wind is a force of its own and the elements of Torres del Paine National Park are predictably unpredictable! Over the course of a few hours you’ll be saturated with rain, blown dry, sweating in a t-shirt and then pulling out a fleece and then rain gear all over again!

The Towers climb (22 km) is a big ask–it’s non-stop elevation over boulders and slippery scree to the top where the biggest surprise lies in wait. For birders, the checklist is awesome: Andean condors, southern crested caracaras, rheas, fio fio flycatchers, torrent ducks, black-necked swans and flamingos.

At EcoCamp Patagonia, the menu is unreal and so artfully plated. Expect the best-ever carrot veloute, velvety pumpkin soups, purple potato gnocchi, fall-off-the-bone lamb chops and mushroom-stuffed ravioli.

This trip has been revamped for 2024 and now includes penguins and puma tracking! If you want a solid physical challenge, incredible food, birds and the whimsy of sleeping in a geodesic dome, Patagonia delivers.”

Jules, Content Creator

Come, join us around the world in 2024! 

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